Meet the mum who fears her 9-year-old autistic son would become a killer


A distraught mother is ­terrified her troubled son is destined to become a killer. Tears stream down Caroline Lewis’s face as she cuddles Paulie and opens her heart about the autistic nine-year-old boy.
Caroline, 50, has been target of most of his violent rages. He has repeatedly hit her with a cricket bat and threatened to kill her.
And in an extraordinary ­admission the loving mum told Sunday People:

“It sounds terrible but without help I fear he’ll kill someone.”Caroline said: “My son is tomorrow’s ­psychopath. Psychopaths are ­without any empathy and are ­violent and that’s him. He can’t understand other people.

“If he doesn’t get intensive specialist help he will kill someone.
“His behaviour log from school showed after every violent incident he has said he’s going to bring a knife in to stab the ­headmistress or the child or teacher he was ­angry with. He had also said he would like to get a gun and shoot everyone in school.”

She is so scared of Paulie that she hides their home’s knives and scissors. But she knows he will use anything as a weapon against her.His sudden outbursts often end with the confused lad begging Caroline to end his life.

Paulie’s tragic behaviour started early in his life. Aged just two he stabbed a kitten with a fork.

Doctors said he suffered from anxiety which he would grow out of. But at four he was diagnosed as autistic.His wild behaviour at school led to him breaking a teacher’s thumb and trying to strangle other kids.Other parents petitioned to have him expelled when he was four.

She said: “It’s not his fault. When I tell him or show him what he has done he just says ‘why’ and ‘how’. If something doesn’t change then I 100 per cent know what’s going to happen in the future. It will be Broadmoor.”

Last week Caroline reached near breaking point when Paulie was permanently excluded from Sir Martin Frobisher Academy in Clacton, Essex. Teachers said they could not cope. She now feels like a “prisoner” in her home having to cope with him alone.

Her isolation is intensified by what she sees as a lack of help.

She has been pleading with her local ­authority to get him a place at a specialist boarding school for three years but is still waiting.

Source: Sunday People


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