Choosing Leadership – Southern Cameroon Crisis


Many seem very surprised about the recent unfolds within the Southern Cameroon struggle. Many woke up to the news that our baby boys have been demoted. As if it wasn’t enough our baby boys put out a statement, throwing down the towel and calling it a vacation. As if to say, this was just an exercise and thanking us for our attention. Funny indeed..

And many more are surprised about Tassang’s video release, questioning the circumstances, contemplating the validity and the why now. As it will seem, he decided to retake leadership and then appoint his new cabinet in the now, “outlawed” consortium group. Doing so in hiding just makes us wonder how a man in dark tries to lead those living under the light.

At the same time, Maitre Bobga is in the US and has formed a new “consortium group” and also now recruiting his board members. He may seem to be working with the famous Akwanga, a man known not to smile and exiled from Cameroon. In the corner, there is Boh Herbert who has long left Cameroon and now seeks to take advantage of this struggle to satisfy his long lost ambition and goal of bringing together groups to work for a common purpose, a purpose that, ofcourse, meets his agenda of leadership.

And we cannot forget those in jail, the founders of the movement who now face trial for alleged heinous crimes against the nation. Some or all of them could be released sooner or later or never, what will be the outcomes? What if they are released and come back to be silent? Or what if they come back continue the agenda, how will it turn out with the current disorganization in the house? What is expected of leadership is also expected of the followers. But who are the followers? There seems to be a loud minority and a silent and very silent majority. Every one seems to be in anticipation and waiting for the right moment for them to step in and get involved.

By now, Southern Cameroonians should be able to differentiate reality from fiction: to believe that someday, Ivo and Mark will walk out on them in the same way they just did when under duress. They have proven that they cannot withstand the heat that this may bring especially coming from above them. They have proven that it is all about self-interest and ego romancing. Ivo was quick to say he is taking a vacation and heading back to school as if to say, those who have not gone to school because of his activities are worth less. Mark was ready to revert to blogging and the Belgian hustle ignoring the number of lives that are now at stake waiting for them to sustain their false hopes.

On the other hand, Tassang, a petty lone star is struggling to keep his voice. Hiding from some remote village in non Southern Cameroon, followed around by his camera boy, and trying to piece together his escape. He, thus, have to plead allegiance to any quarters that can assure his sustainability and exit from Cameroon. He seems to have lost the patience of dealing with his baby brothers, Ivo and Mark, and instead of calling them to order, he tries to show his minor authority by ejecting them from their duties. With so much disrespect to the struggle and those who have passed and those who still cry through this, it was wrong to expose such weakness on media. He should have contacted Mark and Ivo in private and sorted to engage them all to work together. If Tassang is unable to bring himself together with Mark and Ivo despite their odds, then what makes you think he can unite Southern Cameroon under a common theme? We will win if we glue to together and not fight apart.

We wonder how Mr Tassang hopes to lead this struggle without Mark and Ivo, if he will stay in his rat hole through out. We believe that we the Southern Cameroon people are a better people and in need of something greater than personal ego, greed and trial and error. Tassang is not different from Maitre Bobga, Akwanga and Herbert who continue to dream of a Cameroon under their leadership. The irony is that they are all on exile and it makes no sense to think of leading a group of people remotely to achieve any high impact success. As a matter of fact, together with Mark and Ivo, they are all on a technical exile from Cameroon and cannot step foot in the country. So, how do we think they can carry us to success?

In conclusion, it is clear that the issue at hand is the need and demand for leadership. Which is why in the absence of an alligator, a vulnerable person will go for the lizard, and that is the present case with the struggle at this time It is not yet clear as to who can emerge to become the rightful leader, if the founders are not released early enough. Or we may watch this run to till final stop while we plan and prepare for the Presidential elections in 2018. Certainly, we could have a chance to mobilize all resources we need and have, to engage the masses through supervised voting. We have seen it in the Gambia, we can see it here too, we have to work towards it. And we must work together, with reason through peace.

Written by The Great Anonymous.


  1. Enter your comment…very pertinent issues raised…I have always believed that educating a girl child is educating a nation. thumbs up

  2. The issue of leadership is really not the issue. Remember the old proverbial "putting the carte before the horse". This only shows how clueless the people and their leaders are. Gambia and Botswana are poor examples and really not the examples to cite here. The examples to refer to are; East Timo and Kosovo where UN missions and peace keeping armies intervened and governed the territories from 1999 to 2005, setting up governmental structures, building local capacities and ended up with elections and the people were free of Indonesia and Serbia domination respectively. Our people are foolish and do not understand how the world works and are fighting over nothing. What leadership? Putting the carte before the horse.

  3. Just a remainder that the person who is governing the Gambian today for ur own achieve was not in the Gambian but came from England so if the people stay in the diaspora and work it out ,reason will be there don't have the means doing in the country knowing where there will end up .Anyway this politics is destroying the country which is a fact and you people should not keep making people waking up from a sleep there already in .

  4. If you think leading from abroad has never been successful,you are just proving how ignorant you are of African history prior to decolonization,it baffles me why the only thing pops from this block is notice-seeking distractions,however thanks to the struggle you have been able to assemble some cheap


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