Help, my husband avoids me and my food when I am menstruating, and my Mother thinks there is more to it!

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Hello Kinnaka,
Congratulations on being nominated amongst the 50 Most Influential Young Cameroonians and compliments of the season to you.

I have a big dilemma and want to find out if there are other women going through the same thing. I have been married to my husband for 6 years now. Since we got married, he avoids me and the food I cook for him like a disease when ever I menstruating.
I did not know he was like this before we got married since we had a long distance relationship. We have been trying to get pregnant to no avail and my mother and best friend thinks the lack of children might be linked to to reason why he avoid me when I am menstruating.  
They say he might be in some ‘secret society’. I ignored what they said at first but they have repeated it too much that I am beginning to think about it all the time. 
I just want to find if there are any of your female readers who’s husband or boyfriends react to menstruation in the same way or if there are men who normally don’t just like being around woman who is menstruating. 



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