‘Getting pregnant for my married colleague is my only option’ – KB reader writes


Dear Kinnaka,

I am in a big panic! I am a 29-year-old banker in Yaounde in great need of advice or a word of reason. I am sinking into depression daily as my 30th birthday approaches. I used to tell anyone who cares to listen that I will be married and will have had all my kids by 30.

It hasn’t all worked out the way I wanted as I have not had much luck with relationships. I am about to hit the big 30 and I have almost given up all hopes of meeting Mr Right and starting a family. I love children and I think I am financially stable enough to be a single mother since I can’t seem to find a man.

A married colleague of mine has been pursuing me for almost a year and he seems to be the only man interested in me at the moment. I am seriously considering to use him as the father of my kid(s). He told me his wife is unable to have kids so I think the arrangement will benefit us both. 
I think this is a good opportunity for me, but then my desperation might be clouding my judgement. I wanted to seek advice from my friends, but I am worried about being a subject of gossip, which is why I shared it on this blog anonymously. What do I do, please?


  1. It is easy to fall into the trap of your colleague, but my advice is to be prepared for a man in character and style. Be approacheable and if you believe in God then pray the prayer of a virtuous woman. Be careful not to have set the standard high. Your colleague is married and unless you wish to be in more than the stress you are in please back off the married man.
    I pray you get someone worthy of your trust but 30 is not late and better late and right than early and wrong

  2. Married man just spoiled the show.his wife will never give u peace. .Let him divorce his wife and marry you if he truly loves you.

  3. Do not be discouraged. Anything God does is perfect. His ways are not ours. But going after a married colleague will be a big mistake. Email: yvesmarcel77@gmail.com

  4. You know that you will not be satisfied. don't eat all of the garri wen chicken is coming. doing anything wit a married man is out of the question. if he divorces her for u the cycle would continue. be patient 30 isntthe end of the world and just because wat u see now is accra before u does not mean dats all for u. there is soo much more for you.


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