HELP! My husband wants to leave me because of my weight!


I’ve been married for almost 10 years. I’m 5’7″ tall. When we married I was probably 80kg. and am now approximately 125kg.

My weight issue is very, very troubling for my husband whom I have 3 kids with. He started by getting me sport shoes and gear two years ago after I had our last child. After realising that I wasn’t taking the weight loss seriously, my husband started threatening to leave me. 
I thought it was all still a joke till he stopped having sex with me six months ago. I love my food and he complains all the time when I make fufu corn for the family and eat more than a bundle of fufu at a go. 
My husband says he doesn’t want to go out and cheat on  me because of the respect he has for me and the kids but will leave if I don’t work on my weight. My pastor says a man should love his wife regardless. I am worried there is more to this than just the weight. I feel he might have fallen out of love with me.
What do you think KB readers? Should a man refuse to satisfy his wife because of weight?


  1. Thanks for sharing this Kinnaka blog. I am a man and currently going through the same situation in my marriage. My wife has stopped trying and looks more shabby than our house girl. I give money and buy her things but she has refused to change. She wears one dirty old Kabah 24/7.

  2. My dear. This is an honest advice. Am also on the big side. I try to eat healthy and train atleast not to be over obesed. Fortunately i got a husband who loves big women. And yes am super beautiful and take good care of myself especially my looks and appearance. You are lucky to have a man who is pushing you to stay in shape. Please loose weight if not for your husband atleast for your health and your kids. They need you to stay alive for them.

  3. That man loves you in my opinion,he will not do those efforts and talk about that with you if he had fallen out of love with you.take heart and try to focus on a sport program,and I am sure he will support you in the process. Look nice for your man and like I read up here stay healthy and alive for your family. Good luck sister.

  4. There is more to it in that he wants you to live long with him and the kids and not try because you died from over weight earlier than you should. Get to weight watching ASAP and discipline yourself with sports and eating. The man loves you

  5. You should be happy ur husband is even trying his best to get u back to shape.if you mistake his reason for something else than u are being selfish n irresponsible remember he got married to a 90kg woman not a 125kg person so the problem can only be w u..I in his position will immediately divorce my wife the moment I realize she's taken 5kg after marriage n is not taking act of it.this is a recurring problem in especially African women after marriage

  6. my dear get to work out that body and get to shape.After the workout and results believe me u will be more exited about your new shape than ur hubby. Control your eating habits. I'm a plus size 84kg and control my eating habits alot.Fufu is one of those starchy foods you should limit its consumption and if u have to eat it eat half a loave and not one plus.workout and safe your marriage and stop being selfish. Ur husband loves u if u do same you know what to do. Best of luck.

  7. Hello Im fat like u oh. But ever since i started my therapy i have been losing kilos after every three months. You should drink alot of water, dont eat cooked food from Monday to thursday. Eat just fruits, cucumbers and water. U can drink tea during dis days but watch out for your sugar n milk quantity. On fridays to sundays cook vegetables. With very little or no oils. Water is very important. Drink at least a litre as u get up and a litre before u go to bed. When u eat, chew the food very well so that it should be ready for easy digestion cuz if u dont it will just accumulate in your tummy and eventually your tummy wil increase. Lastly but not the least, do not eat picked foods. What are picked foods? They are food eaten outside ur normal meal routine. For example u take breakfast and lunch is supposed to be at 1pm;however before one u go to the boulangerie and by biscuits, coca cola and enjoy. On ur way down u buy sawyer, then u come back at 1pm and eat lunch. This picked foods in small quantities sum up to very large quantities of fats. Because at the end of the day when u combine dem u will discover they have alot of fats together. Avoid sweet things. COCA COLA and all enrgy drinks. All brasseries drinks. Avoid beer. Let water be your friend. Do this in 3 months u will lose 5kg. Trust me. Exercise too at least 15mins everyday. Do not eat three hours before u go to bed. Infact after 8pm dont ear. Just drink ur litre water. Its hard but that is what it takes.Good luck.

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