HELP! Just found out that my husband got married to another woman in Bamenda last December


Good day Kinnaka, nice job you are doing. Please help me post this as a matter of urgency

I just found out yesterday, that my love rat husband of 5 years, got married to another woman in Bamenda, Cameroon last December. The bigamist even took his new wife to the same place we had our honeymoon. The cheeky two-timer even had the same best man for both weddings!

Alex (real name withheld) lost his job in July earlier this year. His wife in Cameroon was diagnosed with breast cancer two weeks ago. Alex confessed to the whole affair and the marriage, to me yesterday, and wants me to fund her trip to the UK for treatment.

He has sworn to me that he will divorce her if I help. I don’t believe him. Part of me wants her death and the christian in me wants to help. What should I do please?

My friends think he just used me for UK papers and are telling me not to help and to report him to the authorities for bigamy. I wish I had never listened to my dad’s advise to marry from my Bakossi tribe. Please help me!!!


    • Why dnt u think this gurl u call a witch is also a victim too. Both women might be victims.

      I also just wonder why these europeans will call a man who marries 2 wives a bigamist instead of a polygamist. They prefere homosexuality to polygamy.
      Nevetheless, what this guy has done is nt wrong !!

    • A polygamist is a man who legally marries more than one wife. A bygamist initially signs for a monogamous marriage and go around and marries another woman. It is illegal even in Cameroon

  1. The lady is not responsible for anything and u as well are not responsible to her. U need to be strong. Ur man is an ingrid and does not love u. The best u can do for him is to fire a divorce against him and let him go in peace. He is even giving you a condition that he will divorce her if u help. Seriously u are either mad or he is mad. U are mad for thinking to help. He is mad and evil for asking u to help. Sweetest I am sorry but u need to put urslef together and forget ur man and his wife. (Worst advice I have ever given) I am a man too

  2. Bakossi cheiiiii arr don die me
    Since when my brothers became this wicked. Wehhh my sister i feel for you. Well Christian or not you owe him and her nothing. Divorce him in peace and let him fix his mess. Am highly convinced the woman is not sick. Maybe he is looking for a cheap means to bring her to the UK. Abeg put christianity for down. And don't feel guilty in anyway. If she us truely sick well serves her right nonsense. Na so dem for dimp you for air without any worries. So why feel sorry for dem. Abeg move on with your life.

  3. Please don't listen to all the rubbish here. If you have the means to help her get treatment for cancer do it and ignore all other facts. What will be will be.

    • you are mad! She should help who? if na me i go just poison the man nonsense. You must be the best man or the evil husband's relation. Thunder kill you and your generation.

    • Oga enow, no big u go kill this girl
      If you bring that concubine (unfortunately unfortunately cannot read my lips) she will deal with you.

  4. i am a christian too but i will advice you not to help him bring her to the uk. He used u to get uk papers and now he wants to use u to bring his wife to the uk. i don't think she is ill as someone already said and even if she is, she is not your problem. if you ever see the best man, poison him. this is why i don't smile with my hubby's friends. rubbish

  5. Please go in front mirror. I love myself. I know my worth. I am not a door mat. I am not a ngombe. I am not a mumu. I reject all soul ties and manipulation in Jesus Christ Name Amen.
    The lady in pays is 419 like ur husband she's not sick.
    Please forgive urself and be safe!

  6. My dear there is no cancer here. He just wants to bring his lady to the UK. U have been fooled once. Don't be a fool again. If this guy shows you the marriage certificate, report him
    Flat to the authorities.

  7. Manipulation at its best.

    My dear victim be wise. Don't let emotions cloud your rationale. Come to think of it, does this man you call your husband harbour an iota of love for you? Love is an overstatement.

    Does he have an ounce of respect left for you? It's an outright "NO" if u ask me. Because if he did respect you one bit, he would never have the balls to open up to you in person. Moreover, his decision to come out just goes to show the extent to which he loves his wife (cancer victim per se) for I think he's not worthy you be referred to as his wife.

    As earlier said, the cancer stuff could be a sugar coated scheme to get his lovely bride over to the UK most probably cause he's hard on as you pointed out for he lost his job in July.

    Finally, no sustainable marriage is built on deceit. Hope it sinks. Stay strong and don't forget, you got God by you.

  8. "He will divorce her if you help" really? Ask yourself if you really need this 419 in your LIFE. He knows he can manipulate you in anyway and you will fall for it.Maybe you have shown him that you cannot do without his dirty ass. So he thinks he can manipulate you the way he wants. If you have like 5 children with him spend your precious time and you Jesus mind loving you kids than him and his whatever his calls it(wife,concubine,side wife). If no children, sign of the cross leave him and believe me you will be stronger than ever.
    Guess what whoever was around you at your wedding with him was as fake as him. If you use to communicate with them,cut them out because they will soon be calling you for this same Scam(cancer scam).
    I know it's hard but you need to be strong and make tough decisions for yourself.

  9. As a bakossi boy since you openly confessed your dad forced u i guess Love was not the foundation of union.
    My advise scatter all thing and if he wants real marriage then start back from courtship build your relationship on Love.
    As for the woman he married men like loyalty and we never forget that your special girl who stood by you and bought u that 7 puff and beans for 30 Maybe he loves you but just wants to settle the other girl. Sis u alone can fix the problem talk the girl in question you are a woman you can sort everything out. As for helping her let that be after you both talk maybe she doesnt know u r there ever.
    All the best
    From Anonymous Amueeh

  10. Thanks to Dr Mack for his hard work on my case and bringing my Man back in my life. I have never seen the results from a spell like the ones that I have seen from Dr Mack. he is truly the one person that I can count on, let me tell everyone reading my testimonial.. I have been to many different sites (Ashia, Egyptian Witch sites, and several others) and I have been put off to counselors and several other different people have handled my case, to no avail. When I approached dr_mack@yahoo. com with my situation I was stunned at the personal service and attention to detail that he gave to my case.

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