Cameroonian scammer arrested in the USA (photo)


A Cameroonian man is accused of moving money overseas in a scam that promised victims puppies, fake identification documents and other items that never arrived. Alvin Mbenyenlla is currently in the Mecklenburg County Jail. He’s charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud and wire fraud, according to court records.

Documents filed along with federal charges last week indicate Mbenyenlla acted as a money mule with unidentified conspirators based in Cameroon. Court records said the scheme involved conspirators advertising to sell products on the internet. Investigators said victims who responded to internet pet ads, for example, would wire funds then never receive the pets.

The feds said Mbenyenlla used aliases to pick up at least $500,000 in wired funds from investors from 2014 until now. Investigators claim he admitted over Facebook messages that he usually kept 20 to 30 percent of the money.

“It’s handing them cash, it’s not retrievable, it’s not refundable, it’s gone and they have got you,” Tom Bartholomy with the Better Business Bureau said.

Bartholomy said scams involving puppies are not uncommon and can ramp up around Christmas. He said prospective buyers should ask questions about breeders and registration with the American Kennel Club.



  1. I yet they look down on us in America doing honest work. So all that show show for babyshower the other day na from thief money ehhh? What a disgrace.

    • i still have the videos of him spraying money at a baby shower on my phone doing big boi thingz now them don catcham ahahahahahahahaha.

    • Na wuna dat for sell wuna brothers, talking as doe the job he does is new to u pipo, cameroonians will always be cameroonians, cheap jerosy

    • look brothers and sister .. some pple came to america through mexico, some hard genuine visa , some fake visas … how many of you in that USA had true documents to ask for visas .. most of them were fake .. but you were granted a visa .. so if your brother has fallen for the wrong he deed and you mock at him .. that is not making you any more righteous … when most of you talk in this way I really wander what brotherliness is amongst us out here .. if you steal $1 at your work place .your no different from him who steals $50m … so rather ask God to help him that condemn him …

      • So ya brother is a tif? Mine isn’t . The police should get all of them. Maybe u don’t knw the harm such scandals will Cus the innocent once back home still struggling to go to the US

    • Indeed oooh they make those working hard in the US feel like they just wasting their time. And spreading AIDS from one girl to another.. Shame on you money earned through fraudulent activity always has consequences. God blessed u came to America but u still chooses to be lazy and steal from people.. Serve your terms now quietly..

    • That's stupid to attack individuals who are saying what he did is bad. I go work and earn my money meanwhile others come here want to thru lazy fraudulent means and u think that's ok? Some of these guys spend money lavishly on stupid things and is not like if u ask them money they will give u. These are the guys that make our family and friends think we are not doing enough or lie when we say we don't have money. Craze people dem. Sweet, fast money fast jail. America no di play.

    • I see how all wuna don become white people now. Calling wuna own brother thief and spoiling his name. But make i tell all wuna wey wuna di run that wuna mouth them. Very soon racist them go finish wuna up for that america. better na my man wey e di thief for earn a living than robbing with white folks for money. Shameless Cameroon girls.

    • Wuna di talk how wuna di work hard. So wuna feel say the one wey e di do no be work?? all man get family for look after so wuna no think say wuna better pass he. Very soon e go commot and make more money like bird man. hahahahahah i dey for your back strong strong bro. Born to make a lot of money.

    • From a guy scammed by a fellow cameroonian, I don't pity him. People work hard bit otherso look for easier way out. I had a video of this same guy making rain $100k. In 1 night from hard working people money. I remember I commented. He will not last. Just this year. Still have the video. Cameroonian scammed me $4000 of which I genuinely wanted to purchase sth on ebay. I don't sorry them. Till u have been touched.u will understand. U defend himself coz he is a friend and u r prolly a scammer. If you areally a scammer,u r next if not keep it real. If you are his gf, same difference. Live an honest life. Easy money will finish so soon. He can't scam no more, even if he gets out, he has a record, dunno abt his education. But those he underlooked with man fun of him. Life will be hard. If u r a true friend , advice n guide him instead of attacking pple here

    • he without sin should cast the first stone.I'm pretty sure if dem want investigate most of you criticizing this brother you will be no better .some idiot say de guy di spread AIDS …this guy don surely fuck ya woman …. go take a chill pill .if you pity him or not you have nothing to contribute in his life so bitch go give a blow job .after this guy commot the business will continue .plenty wonna di jealous because this guy don fuck wonna woman or live life weh wonna no go ever live.all man yi hand no clean so make wonna go work that wonna odd jobs dem keep quite .when this guy commot wonna woman dem will still come suck dick …..plenty dirty lass girls dem di open mop criticize but when dem go sleep they jerk off to him Bitch go get a life and leave this brother alone .Cameroonians Jealousy will kill wonna . FYI SCAMMING IS AN ART AND NOT MEANT FOR EVERYONE…..SCAMMING IS A JOB …. . If dem tell some of wonna for scam sef wonna no go get brains for do .wonna leave this guy alone cos ,most of you criticizing have done worst .Brother take heart you will soon be out and these bitches criticizing will still come and give that blow job .

    • by the way,e don beg wuna make wuna pay e bale?when e be di spend for baby shower wuna be profit,wuna be praise yi,now whe them don catch yi,wuna di talk bad about yi,make i tell wuna something,whatever you think say u di do,if you no di serve God full time,like being a pastor,or going out there to win souls,just know say you di serve the system whe di manipulate the world,i simply mean say you di serve Devil,so if you di wash na plate for restaurant,better live am look for something whe you fit do for make a big profit,no be di waist your time say you di work

    • Like if yi b chat u ..u no for gree or give u program for restau u no for go.. bogdel….y u b di record yi…he will b out in a min n hustle continues….

    • Abeg I no be gay. Even if I be gay I go fine white man no be Afrikaana.
      Puppy puppy. Which kind puppy with all these dogs for shelter looking for homes. Common check different sense for use get your money

  2. He has accomplices here in Maryland USA. I can see their gfs and friends insulting kinnaka on facebook. Keep doing your job girl and if they continue i will forward you their names and pictures. This nonsense should stop already. Instead of asking your bro or bf to get an honest job you join them enjoy the money and when they get picked up, you came blame a blogger for blogging it? Fools

    • I tey you,his girlfriends just can't keep calm up and down with comments. Thief na thief and he has been caught. That is no hustle,that is stealing.

    • 'judge not lest you be judged' Some women on this platform have done worst than scamming 'Abortion' na wonna name…. guilty or not . Ye without sin should cast the first stone .

    • Get a life and stop criticizing people .Jealousy will kill Cameroonians dem .wonna go work odd jobs leave man yi pikin alone……

  3. Who advised him to do dirty job in America,people who created the internet you want to rub them.ashia ohhh my brother.America has lots of job opportunities than to steal foolish boy so.


    • U see ya life? For u to go blast the man say ie don make am dem catch ie and now ie don expose ya biznez more and ie fit give some of wuna names, u d i.stead blast na innocent we weh d comment. Just start find ya hiding place eh.
      U get ya luck say u d use na anonymous them for don catch u. See ya head. Hahahahahahahahaahahahahhaahaha.

    • Anonymous 3:51, try tell yi make.d idiot dem hear,weti dem d cam pretend like say dem ova like yi?? If una be like e as una d claim now why.una advice yi fo slowdown on e spending or for do honest job??? Dat e langa gfs n allen njokeur bfs d cam d comment foolish…make una continue una be d next names n.faces way dem go callam n.showam and Kiki.go.still post we.go comment bec na tiffffffffffffff

  5. I hope he is not pointing fingures at ignorant people for alerting the investigators of his lazy dirty habits of living big at the expense of non smart victims. There is no successful thief. His girl friend should be exposed as birds of a feather flock together. That is to say they are all business partners.

    • I beg who di thief or fraud? Dat 1 no dey for inside ma blood. Man whe e suport he na brother for popo. Thief thing dem… According to me, he jail sentence na 40 yrs. Shit!

  6. Scamming is a new way of life created by Mr Biya to southern Cameroonian,if we achieve in this our dream country Amazonian we shall have the best country in the world even those outside the country will come back home.only stupid people do scamming in US they have lots of job and career opportunities and you can't succeed because the will track you down.ashia. my brother.

  7. `Hahahahha cameroonians will never stop to amaze me with issues of old time jealousy . Most people most have been waiting for him to be caught and prosecuted . He will probably be out again in the next 2 years and you will be sitted there . Mind your business and as he went through his time of enjoyment , let him go through his time of suffering . Stop minding people business and get your sick lyfe in tact of rather enjoy your successful life peaceful . Its not your money nor your fathers money . Get a life Kinnaka and give your dirty ass pussy some quality rather than spoiling the cameroonian image . For all those other fuck head gurls talking about you working , keep working and make your life , no 2 people are the same .

    • Two wrongs dont make a right Daddy K. What is wrongwill remain wrong even if everybody is doing it and what is right will remain right even if nobody is doing it.
      Some people have stayed in the dark and have become so comfortable woth darkness that darkness becomes light for them.
      Darkness cover light
      For your info that is not spoilng Cameroonian image. Scammers spoiled the image a lon time ago. By putting it on her blog she is teachung innocent children a lesson. The consequences of scamming. Stop kidding daddy k.

    • Kinnaka is doing her job as a blogger u di support you Na ya own work dat all man get ei own work. But u way support too man be rid man too nor.msn way too for America Na lazy man. Period

  8. When person send u money for do something den u chop de money start tell lies for de person na weti be dat nobi scam any man get iy life and some of wuna don chop dis boy iy scam money den come here di tok abt plenty job opportunities for USA. NA Y DAT PAYE NO FIT CHANGE BC WE DI ONLY WAIT OUR OWN BROTHER IY DOWN FALL. ESKE SCAMMING NA NEW THINGS FOR WUNA EVEN WHITE DI SCAM. NONSENSE. WUNA MIND WUNA BIZ.

  9. I need to give the arresting officers a blow job. I am waiting for his friend to follow and if they don't come for him will tip them off. Thanks for this post Kiki, u just made mi day lol.

    • How many blow jobs u don give still yet u can't payoff ur carnote….get ur whore ass together blow job giver

    • so much hate…u can't shine like this ooh ma or sir!mind ur business and help ur self..leave him alone..dont't worry njangi d hot wen dey backam mustnt be by scamming besides show ur face or better still ur name na madam coward..

    • Of all things, na blow job you wan give officer. LOOOOOOOOOLL! Chai life is hard o. I didn't know America life was this hard. If random blow job giving was a crime then we know where some of our sisters would be. This is so sad. I am praying for you my dear. It shall be well. Diaris God o!


  10. You mother fuckers just need to mind your business cus some of you girls are derty strippers in night clubs but u came on Facebook and preach job opportunities in u.s , why not call your fucken brothers and sister back home and offer them the jobs u preach. Sometimes i see reasons with popo for not leaving the presidency cus cameroonian dont love each other and when they see u progressing, all they do is pray for your down fall.he will be out soon we are already working on that.


  12. See the way that one way she di waka fuck all around Maryland,Slimmix,she calls people osho free way na she be osho boss.. Because he used to lick your lass and dash you small money. Your massa di do all his ramasage. You di waka pass mop.. Na only akwara go support thief man.
    We will know that this guy's record has been stained already in this America. There is nothing he can do again here,except he want to work at McDonald's.
    When he started, when he started he had no papers,that was good,no one could track him.
    He would have reduced it immediately he got his papers few months ago.
    Even if he stay in jail or comes out, he has nothing he can do here.
    Thief na thief ohh. Akwara na akwara.
    There are two million ways to get good jobs on this America.
    That Akwara slim wakes up everyday and be on Snapchat,your mates have gone to school here or even training college and turned out with good job,lazy akwara thing say na osho fine he. Bing na your paycheck.

    • so much bitterness..did she fuck ya gf or ya husband or smbdy u loved?all this hate..u know it won't change a thing but give u this hate and do smthx better for ur self ma/sir..i can see ur in pain..take some pain meds too..Tylenol to be precise

    • Hahahhahahahahhahahaha
      Are you done?
      Or you just started?
      You should take the Tylenol my dear..
      Take it for me. That's you are really drinking medication for another person's headache

    • Please you all keep your comments short. I can'take read long comments. So far I have gotten a good laugh at the ridiculous justification for him scamming. All these young Cameroonians trying to make fast money. Worst they don't hide. So stupid they have to brag. I have no remorse whatsoever. As a matter of fact they should all be caught. We need hard working kids not kids that can't even do 4hrs on a job.

    • Slimmix don sleep almost all man for Maryland. I just see yi comment for Facebook. E surely smoke that yi weed before e comment. want use kiki get small popularly but smart and classy kiki no reply yi. Some bird tell me say the girl get bad sick so Maryland men fuck her at your own risk.

    • The fear of Slim is the beginning of wisdom in case miss Anonymous has forgotten words don't get to me hahaha show yrself make I teach you how Akwara di behave but since as she got no balls am not bothered until then led me get my ass to work������tomuch clients today hahahaha I love you miss Anonymous you the most beautiful idiot I know hahaha porn corn please waiting patiently������

    • Hahahahahah weh jesios ����my clients no even know who she paid hahahahaah I go die me with sweet how dumb can you be hun hear yrself.i have fuck slimmix even in her anus and I paid him $150 hahahah him how again mum you gay I be woman ohh I don die today just wat I like am pettiness herself come for me with ur name mummy Anony hahahahaah until den like I said or wait am on one hard dick right now it's choking me already hahahahaah let me finish we continue Abeg anty use yr name noh chaii u di respect me this much ahhaahah dumb head

  13. I personally dont know you but a know say God is in control someday it will be over and you will see that you could be a very hard working guy without doing what you did. I feel petty cus your family might depend souly on you. pray where ever you are and God can turn things around for your favor. dear cameroonians condemning who are you to judge and be happy for anothers downfall. who can put his or her hand up that he has never stolen before even if na for ya mami yi pot you be don thief before. Rather pray this young guy be set free let the favrr of God be on him. I know God dont like ugly but trust me he can make a miracle and this guy will be a change person once he leaves. well some of these girls cursing at him a hope wona no be chop yi money even for club cus some particular girl deh weh e di chop all scammers their moneyI personally dont know you but a know say God is in control someday it eill be over will see that you could be a very hard working guy working guy without doing what you did. I feel petty cus yoir family might depend souly on you. pray where ever you are and God can turn things around for your favor. dear cameroonians condemning who i can put his or her hand up that he has never stoelen before even if na for ya mami yi pot you be don thief before. Rather pray this young guy be set free let.the favpr of God be on him. i know God dont like ugly but trust me he can make a miracle and this guy will be a change person once he leaves. well some.of these girls cursing at him a hope.wona no be chop cus some particular girl weh e di chop all scammers their money then wen things like this happen e start condemning on facebook snapchat God punish Devil. I have you in my prayers papa. you did wrong but God will forgive you.Yes you did wrong but God will forgeI personally dont know you but a know say God is in control someday it eill be over will see that you could be a very hard working guy working guy without doing what you did. I feel petty cus yoir family might depend souly on you. pray where ever you are and God can turn things around for your favor. dear cameroonians condemning who i can put his or her hand up that he has never stoelen before even if na for ya mami yi pot you be don thief before. Rather pray this young guy be set free let.the favpr of God be on him. i know God dont like ugly but trust me he can make a miracle and this guy will be a change person once he leaves. well some.of these girls cursing at him a hope.wona no be chop cus some particular girl weh e di chop all scammers.theor money.and dleep.with them, then wen things like this happen e start condemning on facebook snapchat God punish Devil. i have you in my prayers papa. you did wrong but God will forgive you

  14. In the name of God,no one who steal the hard work of others will succeed. These are the kind of idiots bringing Cameroon to disrepute, thereby closing opportunities for genuine individuals. My desire is to get rid of all these senseless bastards,jail them for life. This should act as a warning to others,I love my country, and will do all to protect it from all kind of defamation. Be warned

  15. A say eh, na who nor di tif? I feel sorry for the young man, it's rather unfortunate that he was caught.i personally I do not condole with his act but that was the path he decided to any petit way e dey inside this game, please wuna try for avoid flashing..thnx.

  16. Scamming will never b an excuse for anything. I can't be lieing and taking peoples money and then u say it's right n pipo r jealous. Dear gf who thinks pipo r jealous be careful" dealer e gf na accessory to crime cos obviously u knew wat he was doing wc is agst the law. Stop making noise someone who knows u n who u think is jealous might just use that jealousy n dip the police abt u. If it was right them no for catch yi. This boy thwm too with their illiterate girlfriends who think they have arrived cos them d chop thief money. Na last time be time.Anything u get dishonestly don't expect it to last for ever. It's just the law of nature. If u do bad expect bad . U do good expect good. Karma is real and she is a bitch

    • shut the fuck up dummy ….go take a chill pill .low life idiot.all you do is odd jobs and you want think say all man dey like you .Dirty for rice … have done worst that scamming .We will check your ass . leave man yi pikin alone .scumbag

  17. God is alive ohhhhh..
    He never sleep no slumber.
    Some will say it is his it his business to instill pain on others by ripping them off their hard work. Make God purnish any bastard way he say,We should not judge,that guy should be stoned to death.
    Do you all read that story? He makes atleast $500,000 in one transaction.
    Imaging if that was your hard earned money someone else is lavishing on and you come and post here that it is his business or it is his part he choose.
    That guy deserves jungle justice,he deserve to be burnt alive .
    He is lucky,he was once shot by God spared his life. I think maybe one of those he ripped them off their hard hustle wanted to kill him but instead shot him on his leg.
    You rip people off their sweat and rub it on people's face,as if the hard work we Cameroonian put in for our daily living is all stupid..
    Day I thank you,Jehovah is wonderful.
    One by one they will rut in jail…
    My day has been made. I will keep praying…

    • Stop calling God's name please . Ye without sin should cast the first stone .you di call God name then talk say make dem stone man .Abeg go saudi Arabia .Jealousy will kill you.

  18. It's not about betrayer of a brother but think about those people they're taking their hard earned money. Why don't we see the other side of the coin? Come to America illegal but do the right thing and better your future and that if your country instead of putting pain on people's lives by stealing their earnings.

  19. He choose that path and he knew exactly what he was is driving on a road.the lanes on the road have different speeds.when anyone who decides to used the fast lane can get an accident and the one who uses the slow lane is being the different is that we are all hurrying to one destination that is to make it in life,that is to be successful .if this young have to move on the fast lane in order to arrive fast then LET HIM FACE HIS ACTIONS and those who ate with him can go ahead and cry for him.choosing to live a simple and hard working is something worth doing.

  20. Come to America illegal, know computer really well why not use your computer knowledge and do a little IT course and grab some of these big cheques from companies? Enjoy your stay behind bars.

  21. There is no one on earth without sin, be it small or big sin na sin. He went soo hard but unfortunate that he got arrested. Trust me every one on here hurting will keep on hurting the more bcuz guys like this always come out more powerful than ever.

  22. I think the brother has made a mistake and this is a period for us to join him and his family in prayers. People are hurting from both fronts. Our incarcerated brothers family is hurting while his victims are also hurting. We should stop throwing insults at each other and heal the wounds this situation has caused us. A mans mistake does not define his character forever. We have falled short of Gods glory and sinned against him. Those coming here cursing and throwing insults at each other dont make the situation better. Lets pray for our fellow Cameroonian brother and wish him the best of life. Its with grief and pain that I write this note, I love my people regardless of their doing. Lets love more than hate and criticize.
    Rev Dr Nji Fornishi

  23. Kinnakablog i asked myself if you are happy about this or its just a way of having view in your blog,
    Keep up,soon you will also be expose

  24. Please blogger dont copy and pest its using anothers work like its yours. When u people ate his money at clubs now u want to pretend, please stop talking trash about him because he is caught. Hypocrisy. All of u pionting fingers are u sure u are clean not doing anything against the law ask yourself before u point fingers

    • Thank you my sister chaiii payesain them na die nor praying for anothers downfall like that What a shame. I dont know him personally but wish him well. God is watching all wona.yiiiishhhh

    • Bianka that boy don fuck fuck you sorte u get wings for came talk for kinnaka? I don die laugh me oh. Wowo Bianka, Kinnaka is doing her job.

    • U Don over disgrace your self for this America Bianka, u Don just decide u for di fuck for all place. Its not good my deer calm down your self

  25. I beg wonna leave Kinnaka.. It has been all over the news in America. He images is on TV, did she send him to scam? Na kinnaka chop his school? Is it kinnaka's fault that his family is so broke the only way he can survive na through scammer. Please leave kinnaka alone. She has no role to play in his predicament. If she didn't share it,someone else would have.

    • his family doesn't have to be broke before he scams and besides its not a crime to be broke.why will u have to include or mention his family in this?jus because he was caught doing smthx illegal doesnt mean some of y'all are better.pretenders as though if given the chance u won't jump at it.we are humans and he chose his path
      don't call his family as though u never ever chop scamming money ..hypocrite

  26. All these anonymous them na die.
    Chaii!!! No body can fight with ghosts lol.
    They will only hit you where you won't realize.
    Anonymous them wonna chop ya.

    • Stop pointing fingers at those who are already in pain. You are not perfect, he made a mistake and he has learned and apologized for his dids. Please we should stop throwing rocks at this brother. How much more pain can we press on someone who is already in argoney. I have hopes for every one fallen short of Gods glory, and forgiveness is our truth. Lets pray for him and let God show him the light.
      Rev Dr Nji Fornishi

  27. Cameroonians thats why we never go any where or hardly ever..i bet some y'all bashing him here wished to be in his shoes or even his gf to eat the same money ur complaining wona arrest?all those happy i wonder how much y'all gained or what u gained.whatever he was doing is his business and his life jus because u sin differently and you havenot been caught doesn't make u better or different.All these cowards hiding behind the anonymous alias why don't y'all reveal ya names and stand for what u preach?because y'all hypocrites…jus don't forget u can never shine by dimming smbdy else's light..these stupid females who will sell pussy allover and still not get a penny.and dont forget he will be out and he won't be in jail forever.Kinnaka is a blogger and this what they do.Post latest stuffs so don't blame her..but all this mosquitoes in ant skin hiding behind "anonymous"oya reveal ya self na and stand for what you preach..

  28. Hope everyone in Maryland or DC singing six figures of IT jobs who work at home will soon know what the real IT is. I don't live in that area but have been hearing of the glamorous IT hub in the DC area but now you know well what most of them do is stealing after learning useful knowledge. Please stop deceiving yourselves in that area in the name of going to do IT to earn six figures straight out of the school.

    • so u think pipo who leave school and working IT jobs cant make that money, others may lie but a lot of pipo working real money ok.
      you guys should go have a life and stop hitting on pipo's hustle

  29. Hahahaha. Everything has a price and he's paying his so Abeg wonna put Kinnaka's blog fo down. Keep up with the good work ��

    • Any man weh support wetti weh this boy do get to be investigated to. Una lukot…. if you support wetti weh he do, abandone your job go do scamming business nah! Sometimes FBI will Award you SCAMMER OF THE YEAR. Damned!!!!

    • You be some very big foooool you so , na wuna that , traitors , jealousy go kill you . Wowo shame wowu wuwu shame , ashawo

  30. As for u Kinnaka's kongossa..don't u know plagairism is a crime too?stop promoting cheap gossip..of all the stuffs u have posted u barely have a comment in it..But a post that involves a fellow cameroonian has more comments than u can imagine..clap for urself..Use ur platform and voice and help the country and donot promote cheap gossip ook..u no b gossip for secondary school tire?use ur own words madam!!!and make sure u put ur own faults on blast here

  31. Hahaha is this a blog? Abeg call it something else like kongossa bar or something. How will you copy and paste news report and your site and call it a blog post. If na this one anyman fit do am. If you want to tell the story, use your own words dear sister! At least your get credit for being creative. As for the guy in question, all I can say is if you do not wear the shoe you do not know where it pinches. Everyone has their life to live and decisions to make, it's not because he made a bad one that he is now the devil. Some of the people insulting him and calling him names here would have jumped at an opportunity to blow some of the cash with him, now they are claiming self righteousness… tsuips. Anonymous posters come and reveal yourselves. You know your cupboards are not clean so you choose to hide behind anonymous title and cast stones. Hypocrites! All of them! Even the Bible says remove the log in your eye before removing someone else's. Camerooninas will always be Cameroonians. Y'all claim to live in America but can't learn from the white man. I hope you will use the same words you are using on him if it were your brother or relative in his place. People just know how to spoil people's day. ������‍♀️

    • tell them ooh cherie..all these hypocrites..some of them d make noise way dem use fraud enter america with fraudulent documents and some will never enter they shitdon dream forever and keep hating and not moving forward…all dese durty mouth people way d say he is a fraud and they use kumba age enter america i leave y'all to Uncle Donaldtus Trumpikum he will send y'all back home..stupid..all these talk no go change a thing..he did ..made his bed and he will lie on wona bed??chai..and those saying he get AIDS est k na crime nowadays to get AIDS?na wona give e AIDS?bad belle people …u will be suprised how many of them do worst things..hypocrite.don't judge

  32. Anglophones all these hate abeg use am go over throw paul biya and leave this boys matter alone…use it to free cameroon..wona sabi figh behind ur phones and computer screens oya use it to make paul biya leave us alone..

    • Kamira go fine place sleep waity you mean you nobody's hating so we should accept wrong doing because say wetti see me you wrong is wrong people will always condemned some of this guy no fit chill

    • He is gone, he has at least 20 years,I pray they give him more than that,he deserve death by hanging. Ripping people off. Thief boy

    • Na ya papa be tiff man swine no wipe lass. Ashawo like you..with ya brother wey them nearly burn for muea market. You dey here d talk rubbish. All wunna go die lanag. beef them

  33. Heaters oyehhh!!! Most pple talking bad abt this guy are ignorant of life or jealous. We all came to the US with diff reasons and diff goals. Bad is bad and good is good. If u are good then good job and if he is bad let him be and mind ur business. Most of u will cast him here and on sunday u ar in ur numerous churches praying and begging God for husbands and sowing seeds because ur pastors ask u to meanwhile ur hearts are evil. What about the home health fraud in the US? Didn't we have men and women involved in it? What abt ur asylum stories? Howmany are truthful? What abt ur tax false tax returns? Sin is sin and remains same in the eyes of God. Let he who is without sin be the first to cast the stone. We have some leaders in Cameroon who ar worst than this guy but non us is investing time to bring them to light not even our bloggers. From this article, it is clear over 70% of the $500.000 went back to Cameroon so hw can u rejoice over something like this? The money no go cameroon na for Good? Make some of wuna check wuna brothers back home. I sure say na them be de even send yi the money make yi pickam. We are posting here "i still have your VIDEO at the baby shower in my phone" … If u no be likam wety the video de do for ur phone? Any way shaaa, the guy don huzzle yi own so now na payback time for yi and it will be over before we all knw.

    • Then what are you doing here commenting? It should not be your business too..Nothing went back home, he is just trying to protect his accomplise ,that guy has nothing back home under his name. He has properties here but I pray they sieze it… God keeps answering prayers… You all are here trying to justify for someone ripping people off their joy of hard work? Are you serious?

  34. Massa this cameroonians in America can keep a chill here in America we all know how American system works if you don't have a paycheck or pay tax and you spending money just anyhow from club to club putting your name in the system all this scammers they are watching American government don't catch people like that they monitor you from day one all scammed should be careful cuz some of you show off too much all babyshowers you farote over 5000dollsrs a night are u a superstar

  35. This boy dem Thier own don too much wunna go pay one day scam and stay low key but all this cameroonians will show off everywhere especially this maryland boys wunna own don too much

    • Shut up , ashawo , because them no get ya time , see me some foolish girl like you . U feel say American na heaven .

  36. Everyone here is Anonymous. Show yourselves and comment freely if you're without blemishes. Bad belly them go talk from east to west. Two wrongs would never make a right. In every Family, there is a bad child, but you would never throw him away or cease to being a sibling to him/her. So, show some love, no matter what. "Bad Bellying" is not good.

  37. All the prostitutes in America would come here and talk, condemn, Do you think prostitution is legal. It is a crime. So, don't be claiming Mother Theresa

  38. Agbor Gilbert Ebot was right, the most primitive Cameroonians live in America. In Maryland to be exact. wuna no di shame.

    • You wear ya druss backside. Congosa fool like you. na blog sef this besides all this nonsense like that other fool wey he say cameroonians for america primitive. Wunna be baboon them fools like wunna. Rotten banga

  39. Kiki ahahahahahahahahahah. I swear you worry. You know how for give people work. Very smart my Banso sister. Other anonymous bloggers crying here can go kill themselves. Kinaka blog is number 1.

  40. He should rot in jail. These are the type of people paul biya is training in Cameroon. Who told him USD is misused in America the way they misuse FCFA in Cameroon?
    He thought FBI is as weak as CONAC. Let him pay the price.

  41. See me this nonsense ashawo them di came talk nonsense . Wuna di jealous because wuna no be able for chop the money ? Wuna di waja lie boy them give wuna money for buy Brazilian human hir , eee me this idiots them .

    • Fuck all them Bro ei still remain their king. Cheap girls dem way no sabi left and right go open smelling mouth talk. Prostitution go kill all wonna. Beaf dem

  42. c wuna Doty mop dem. na jaka diz for PAYE. if any d osho as I hear wuna call dey here d blass d paddy na cuz ei no hang w u. if ei b do comot put ya name no d use anonymous. u no d shame. diz one na jealousy. u d tok job for america na y d employ?? eeh make I ask u. u know how d whiteman dem d tif? nw how d oda guy check say black mab go get dat sense for comot ei 4k for eBay. na dull tok dat. comot c how many white dem dey for aside d tif. na dat paddy ei own u don c…..d oda man weh say ei like ei country make ei pay flight come pays come help d uths them fire idiot. ya head no correct. say I love ma country. come here noh fowl. all wuna weh d tok job dem dey. u get how many u d do for make $500 a month? weh u go open ya mop d run am? u check say if d paddy b enta america dem give ei post like banker ei go dny? go look side ya akanta broda and sista dem d work.boys na cleaners for d lazy white thing dem while nga na sex slaves. ma man dem na colonial pay. Whitman make scam so black d just copy and paste.if dem catch diz fella na ei bad market.but u weh d run moo comot for annonymous and na one and sAme person d do all diz annonymous tok dem. comot make yA name show. some lazy girl weh fit gve nA blow job. dem go fuxk u tire for up dey. u b some crase thon ajaja. comot come for pays come show up noh. na y dat u use anonymous make dem no know u.fuxkater lasy mbombo no reste trAnquil for ya cona

  43. Who di talk this nonsense for here say the boy na tif ? Even in 21 century them di still tif we , because of small how much $ , wuna di paid him black ? So of you are a disgrace to Cameroon and Afrika as a whole . Because u dey for dey di work small dollars di take car on loan you feel say u dey heaven ? My brother God will see you through , be strong , the bloger is not a problem she simply share na news . My problem na this supid people .

  44. Cameroonian's Nigeria is what it is today because of fraudulent money so all this birches and wizards of boys hating will prefer their ministers steal their future than a young man stealing from the white man I don't think all of you have come to realize what the whitman is getting from you all hatters money is neutral only what you do with it counts and this dude will come back to be badder than this

  45. Being a foreigner in the US, after going through jail time for such level crimes, u get deported immediately after ur jail release and you're given a minimum of 10 year ban from the US, sometime, lifetime ban! So for those here thinking that he's got another chance after jail, it likely won't happen. He'll be back in the streets of Cameroon.

  46. Massa wuna leave me that boy make ey do how husle na husle . Like ey scam or what so ever na through that means way ey d survive and look after yi own family.

  47. Pls everybody has stolen in his or her God forsaken life.Most of u guys out there ain't clean and u should be sincere bcos if the opportunity was offered to not him, I know all of u condemning him here wld have grasped the opportunity.Na just jealousy n puck-nose di do some of wuna.Anyman mind his business and if ur brains are too short n slow then let the fast one seize the opportunity.Even if he is jailed now, I know he's already done much for his family unlike some of u noise makers n lazy bones.Just mind ur business.

  48. Lets end this bashing of each other. This is the reason Cameroonians can never be united. We are only united in times of death, gossip and hate. Why can't we be united when a soul is down, help them see the light and fufill a better path. We should change our ways for this crab in the barrwl mentality deeply applies to us. My fellow Camerooninan men and woman, we can do way better than we present. Hirt people hurt people, but, the pure at heart supports the weak. Lets change the way we think, the way we act and the way we do things. We are blessed and better than what we exude.
    God bless Cameroon, God bless Africa, God bless America.

  49. most women on this platform have done worst that scamming .Bitches be like 'na tif man ' but how many abortion you commit ,how many people their massa you di sleep with .ya parents come seek Adoro under false claim bring for you for land (is that not scamming the US Gov't)Take a chill pill bitches . Even this guy commot wonna will still come suck dick .some one say you be see this guy di spray 100 bucks for babby shower…. and jealousy be di do you abi … some guys dem di cry cos their girls dem don already give blow job …..scumbag abeg go sleep .

  50. ei dey lke say ma tok huurt all diz dem. wuna check wuna sense fine wen u wnt tok abt kamer man. na y dat some of we dey here. and u d look so na some ei kamer broda go report am. whiteman dull for that level weh no go report u. na doty kamer man d do diz kind tin. if ei b dey ma guy ei case for don b settled out of court. na greed make diz shit happen so.well the milk don b spilled already. natin dey for do. if some man go check say na only for come here come blas d paddy mbom weh dey for diz wowo pipo dier counter den make ei lookout. d man too weh hala mbelle for diz guy ei back make ei take time too cuz diz thin so na payback. ya nga or paddy too go trowe u for inside dey and ya own go wowo. so the best weh anyman fit do after ma comment na for sympathize with diz guy tho ei no d see or feel ya presence. if u dey anonymous no come right dull for diz blog and leave d blogger ei name for down. make man no harrass am cuz if no for ei u for dey d idle. pray ya man comot find some cona for pays. if some wise man dey here make ei drp ei line make we chat or tap me via 2028103172. if na junkies u b. i catch u palava go dey. cheers pipo

    • I pray say them scatter ya shithole for outside.bordel like you. Badluck thing. Person dey in trouble you d cam here cam write nonense. You no d tiff? craze cameroon people them with jealoux..You Ken G na ya papa e shithole them go forkam with ya own idiot

  51. Africans do what they do coz it all started somewhere and they copied and pasted. What about the other country stealing our free God gift? Yes he's a tif what are u? If ur not caught now doesn't makes u better than him. Allow God to judge him n condemn him not insulting him. If USA want to really arrest at least 75% of African will be victim. Also if the world want to arrest most of the white men working and torism will be a victim. You cry for your fellow brother forgetting how CFA has frustrate them back home, how it does have any value. For me they have to first pay Africa for the salve trade how we build their cities… crazy world self

  52. The vile comments and resentment i see on this topic is just pathetic to say the least. I hope those pointing fingers and labeling people are setting a good example. Just remember that this is life and shit happens.

  53. Guy dem di hustle for paye wona di marsh their budget them take spread. Boy you wahhh for dat ngata. "Koka Drizzy" Achidi Fanda Marius wona feel say wona fit chop people their money? Wona go usam pay rent for jail

  54. I really see Poverty di worry plenty people for this outside… when person get money ..ONLY poor people di glad say me e fall… Those talking shit about this young guy we both know u are poor and struggling to survive , that is what make u mad to see some one make good… so that makes you happy to see say person don fall …. No need for any person for know but u within u know say na poverty di worry u…… thing weh e happen de like motto jam u for road .. when money bamilike man e pickin die fever do go say na Nyungo(Society) and nobe ever rich people di talk .. na only poor rats dem di talk.. life weh e don livam 2 years wona go make 20 years wona nova leavam and bet me.. e go still comot get money again plenty pass u very soon.. u go start again black bele talk but e di live the life u di watcham .. even ask the police weh de catch yi dem di look yi up pass ur poor ass.. them di see u as some poor suffer thing from africa but look yi as some rich smart guy … e de like when these fools dem de di work slavery for USA here so dem di just feel comfortable, anyways u no fit judge bc e depend where de come from as most of them na very poor pple .. anyways pray for God me nothing bad no eva happen for u as u thing bad things happen to bad ppel

  55. Bro be strong, u be out oneday… i salute all wona way di nock dis wah broda.. time wud tell…Insha Allah.

  56. Wunna came back for Cameroon, make wunna stop all these critism or judging and hitting on other for people their country. Na wunna country that? Nonsense people! Na wunna di make whiteman call we names like, Foreigner, Alliance, Refugees. No be wunna pay na dis same scammer them for establish wunna fake bank statements or wunna feel say doki man get different name. Cameroonian we too get hatred towards each other. When pikkin stronghead nobe for send am for outside make them kill am, so make we pray make e commot and pray say make God change e because we all sin everyday but God nova criticize we.

  57. […] READ MORE: Cameroonian scammer arrested in the USA (photo) […]

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  69. No body comments on how our ancestors were dragged into slavery by the white masters. Even up till date we now offer mass to buy our slavery ticket “Visas” to serve the very White masters. And when a brother is caught taking a slice from them. You Brain washed Africans say he deserved it am proud of my Scammer brothers we are making history stay safe.

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