Why don’t Cameroonians wear deodorant?


As shared by a KB reader…

I have traveled to quite a number of countries, and none comes close to Cameroon in the smelly sector! No Joke! Everyone knows this, and I just can’t understand why Cameroonians don’t use deodorant!

As soon as I walked in at Douala Airport this morning, I knew I had arrived. Whiffs from everywhere. Pungent odors assaulting the nostrils, smells competing with other smells. 

With the type of smells you get in Cameroon, you can almost paint a picture of the person. These smells are as tall and bold as they are pungent. If you have never experienced it, don’t bother imagining it because you can never paint a near accurate picture.

You know you can tell how many Cameroonians are in a room with your eyes closed. OMG! You can detect odor 1, odor 2, odor 3….
Think of Syria and Sarin gas! That kind of need-a-gas-mask smell. WMD chemical weapons grade…prepared in a laboratory. You’ve won the war Cameroon, now kindly turn off the chemical weapons. Geesh!

I can just imagine the armpits are unshaven and the odors have been cooked over several days. It’s not just about deodorant and the tropical country. There must be a hygiene aspect to it, I don’t think we can really blame this one on the poor government. Shave every week and wash several times daily.

I for one, don’t use antiperspirants, because I am scared of them blocking my pores and leading to cancer and all other stuff. I only use deodorants, but it takes a while for smells to ever build even with the mildest attention to the armpit.
And if you do not have deodorant or do not like to use it, be conscious of your armpit for heavens-sake. Visit the bathroom couple of times a day and swab it with soap. That does the trick.

I love Cameroon, but damn, many of you stink!

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  1. It's only those who smell that get the smell of others. Don't say Cameroonians like say you better. Say some and besides I no fit talk now. Thank God for you.

  2. Who is this stupid lady by the way. You don't even know how to guide people. I know you must be one of this broke ass from the same Cameroon who has become an American green card citizens. Trap like you.

  3. The thunder weh e go scatter u still Sahara desert di do push up bcuz I no sure ssy ya head deh correct,look at me this idiot ohh day why do Cameroonians don't wear deodorant ;my dear if u fit supply the whole country the deodorant free of charge then e go fine noh.some smelling ewake like u

  4. because money no dey people no go take care for their self, its the truth personal hygiene is very important you no must use na deodorant , have numerous baths water na free. lets try and tackle this odor issue rather than be ignorant about it

  5. hahahahaha…I begin to wonder whether Nigerians behave same when they go back home like these our own Cameroonian bush fallers.

  6. Heheheeeeee only if ur father would have listen to ur mum dat night n use condom u wouldn't have had the privilege to utter such gibberish my dear don't forget dat ur mouth is closer to ur nose it's ur mouth dat has been smelling all this while. Goat like u make thunder fire u volcano swallow the corpse

  7. I have no respect for people who say stuff like this about others. Yes they smell but must you spell it out???? Whoever wrote this is a good for nothing nincompoop. This nonsense just ruined my mood. Thank god I don't know you. Fool

  8. I have no respect for people who say stuff like this about others. Yes they smell but must you spell it out???? Whoever wrote this is a good for nothing nincompoop. This nonsense just ruined my mood. Thank god I don't know you. Fool

  9. If this is your way to fame on social media them you failed…and btw you are rude and insane and more disgusting than your terrible article. Take it offline Asap. The only one thing that has definitely been smelling everywhere you go is that rotten 'toomboo-teeth' mouth of yours. You are a sad person so keep it to yourself.

  10. I no blame u idiot, u don't know that shit causes cancer pls leave us alone stupid girl. Call Cameroon ���� again or tropical whatever shit thunder go fire �� you. Fool u give you the Gods for write bull shit idiot.

  11. Hahahahahaahaha, I was taking this girl serious before. But her poor philosophy is diminishing her credibility. There is a difference between Cameroonians and some Cameroonians.

  12. The same cameroon that natured u,my dear before leaving cameroon, have u ever used deodorant? Just bc u got that opportunity to leave cameroon and learned how to use deodorant, u now open ur "water for beans mouth "to say cameroonians stink and they don't wear deodorant. My dear ship it to dem and also civilised them in the use like abroad has don to u.stuuuuupp.

  13. How dare you, you idiot. Don’t ever call Cameroonians out on smelling bad because you were probably smelling yourself you foolish cow. tswwww

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  18. Well, I met my first Cameronian yesterday (in UK.) She was a DELIGHTFUL lady, chatty, pretty, intelligent. But the smell was like nothing I’ve experienced. We had to have front & back doors open simultaneously to help dissipate it. Of course I’m not making a blanket assumption about nationals of this country. But in UK (where soap, water & deodorant are cheap and available to all), it does say something. We had a homeless person in recently & they didnt smell at all!!


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