Things you should not do when flirting with a Cameroonian man

These guys are Cameroonians for crying out loud, there are certain things they cannot put up with and you should never try to force them to. As much as we are advancing in technology and picking one or two things from the western world, it is normal for us to stick to our own views and opinions sometimes.

Perhaps we should do a little bit of clarification here; some Cameroonian men are exposed and well travelled while some are not. The exposed ones may find it hard to understand the way things are being done here because they have had the chance to mix with people from other tribes and nations. They might have adopted one or two things from these people while they blended with them. The other group of men you find in Cameroon have probably stayed home for too long and have become indifferent to things. The abnormal things are being seen as the norm.
As a lady in Cameroon, you need to be prepped so that you would know what to do and what not to do when you are flirting with Cameroonian men. Now, do not get defensive by saying you are not a flirt. You leading a man on simply because you enjoy the attention he throws you does not make you innocent. Women flirt from time to time because they want to play or enjoy the company of the men. Some women that are logophiles flirt when they meet men who can string words together like them. They enjoy the way they trade words back and forth. That being established, let us move on to the things you should never try while flirting with a Cameroonian man. You can find some of these things below:
1. Do not be a talkative
The aim of flirting is to get a guy to be interested in you; if you want to do this then you should be mindful of the things you say and how much words you spill in the process. The flirting should accentuate your good points and not make the man see the annoying part of you. Talking too much may cause the guy to be irritated and instantly turned off. Speak more with your eyes and your body if you are flirting with a Cameroonian man. Do this moderately so you do not end up making him feel like you are saying ‘Hey, yo! I’m a hooker’.
2. Do not dress to kill
While it is understandable that you want to knock the guy off with what you have on, you should also be careful so that you do not over do it. Depending on your level of maturity, you will know that showing off skin and cleavages is not to your advantage. This is Cameroon; people are sensitive to clothes that show a lot. Your crush may be uncomfortable walking with you in the streets because his reputation is at stake too. As much as you want him to press your green button, the people around him may see you as being ‘slutty’ and warn him off you. That is game over!
3. Avoid being alone with him
We understand that he is your crush and you desperately want him to ask you out. You also need to play smart and safe while you are trying to impress him with your knowledge, looks and business. Some Cameroonian men do not know how to interpret things; a man may see all the looks you throw him as sexual advances. He could act on this and take advantage of you. You can get naughty when you are in public places but do not ever get caught in a room with him. Flirt if you must but do not be a rape victim in the process.
4. Do not be excessively touchy
Most girls definition of flirting is touching and giggling constantly. You can smile and giggle once in a while; you do not want to strike him as a clown. Touching him regularly may trigger some feelings within him. It may be taken as an invitation to ‘straff’! It will change the way he sees you because he would feel like you are baiting him with your cookie.
5. Be polite
It is possible for a man to know you are flirting with him and still respect you. It all depends on your manner of approach; you can be coy and be respectful at the same time. The way you play your cards will tell; Cameroonian men want women who are exciting. If you are polite while flirting, your integrity will remain intact as you cannot be treated anyhow.


  1. Dear writer of this article, where and when did you carry out the survey to come up with these findings? Or you just improvised based on your personal experiences?


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