Nabil Fongod exposes the ugly truth about the Cameroon Music Industry on #TheVibe on #KinnakaTV (Watch)


The Vibe is an exclusive weekly show on Kinnaka TV which features African entertainers around the globe. On this episode of The Vibe, Cameroonian artist and media personality, Nabil Fongod aka Nastar exposes the ugly truth about the Cameroon Music Industry.

Click HERE to watch on Kinnaka TV.


  1. As long as you have Anglophones and Francophones with 2 different systems, the industry is doomed. Furthermore, the industry is all above sex and beautiful women and with that you are doomed. Finally corruption is a cancer that must be flushed into the toilet… if I want to sponsor a fellow Cameroonian as soon as he/she making some success, the sponsor is kicked out— greed. No legal system to protect both the talent the sponsor– show me a good talent and I have the funds–millions to sponsor one


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