Zinnia has a word of advice for bushfallers on #Unplugged (Watch)


Unplugged is an unconventional weekly Cameroonian show hosted by the suave Zinnia, which is exclusive to Kinnaka TV. On Unplugged, Zinnia educates, corrects, connects and entertains. On this episode of Unplugged, Zinnia addresses trending social ills in Cameroon.

Unplugged – Disconnecting you from the average!
Click HERE to watch on Kinnaka TV.

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  1. Super presentation. You go gurl. Am still asking your producer to add more time ooh. Episodes too short. Some of those topics needs detail discussions. Weldone. Am so glued to Unplugged.

    • Trust me you are actually enjoying it cos it's short lol. If they make it longer you might say it's boring . I guess the idea of the producers is to make it short so we can all feel the way we are right now ������. Great job guys . The show is really clean . Damn

  2. Zinnia you are really good and I know unplugged will go places. Shout out to the team behind this show cos you guys are doing great and to the cinematographer keep up the good work cos the video looks really clean

  3. I love unplugged. Please hi5 to the producers and the D.O.P . Even the sound man is doing a great job . Amazing production . Keep up guys and weldone Kiki


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