Vicky Fokala takes to the streets of Buea on #KinnakaTV’s new show #VoxPop (watch)

Vicky Fokala

Vox Pop is a weekly exclusive show on Kinnaka TV presented by the energetic Vicky Fokala. On Vox Pop, Vicky takes to the streets of major cities in Cameroon and asks people in public places their opinions on particular subjects.

Today, on the occasion of the season’s premiere of Vox Pop, Vicky Fokala takes to the streets of Buea and asks a few people to spell the word “SCISSORS”. That might sound easy to some but let us see how many people get it right?

New episodes of Vox Pop will be released every Friday on Kinnaka TV!  

Click HERE to watch on Kinnaka TV.

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  1. Confirm..Kiki we (well my husband and I) like the way u always come back home to get ur team…ur two presenters are the bomb..keep up sis.

  2. And this is what I was talking about. Nice start Vicky. Always room for improvement. Buea town get sense people ooh. Next time try Molyko lol. Kudos gal.


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