Inside former Cameroonian model, Irene Mayor’s £4.5 million mansion (video)


Private jets, designer children’s clothes, lavish parties, nannies and butlers – welcome to Ingress Abbey in our present day and age.

There it stands proudly on the eastern outskirts of London in the county of Kent, the abbey, a large country house now owned by Lord and Lady Hailes, Sam and Irene, who bought the property for £4.5 million (about 3.4 billion FCFA). Sam originates from Canada, Irene from Cameroon.

Their home stands on a sizeable estate, embedded in centuries of history which gives it the radiant aura of a glamourous medieval castle shrouded in myths and legends so characteristic of the British isles’ rich past. 

While her husband Sam, a geological engineer, passionately engages with the genealogies of past landlords and nuns who once occupied their home, Irene lives up to her role as the Queen of the castle in several capacities: She is a model, a former radio presenter and an actress who has also embarked on a singing career. A dynamic mother of five children, she runs her own charity IM Life.
On the occasion of the season’s premiere of Kinnaka Special on Kinnaka TV, Irene Major aka the Queen of Ingress gave us a tour of her castle.

Click HERE to watch on Kinnaka TV.


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