Help!!! My wife’s bestfriend from childhood is making sexual advances towards me!


Hello Kiki,

I was told to write to you by a friend, who is an ardent reader of your blog. To be honest I think he has a big crush on you. Myself and my other friend have told him to approach you but he is scared you will turn him down haha. Please, I need your opinion and those of your female readers. 

I am 33-year-old Cameroonian based in the USA. I met my wife 5 years ago at a birthday party in Dallas. We dated for a year and then got married. My wife’s childhood best friend Okwen (real name withheld) did not really like me when I was dating her friend but when I proposed to her, she changed and became nicer. 
About six months ago, on my wife’s 30th birthday, Okwen did something really weird. We were out having dinner when a mutual friend of ours (who was sitting across from her) asked her when she was going to get married and settle down and she looked at me (I was sitting at her left) straight in the eye and replied she doesn’t know as the one she loves is taken. I felt like she was trying to tell me something but quickly dismissed it until later that evening when my friend told me he noticed it too. 

A lot more started happening after that incident. A few months ago she came to visit us and sat down with legs slightly opened while my wife was in the kitchen cooking. When she noticed that I had seen it she smiled and then closed them. She has made it a habit to bend over seductively when I am alone with her or touch me slightly and quickly on my arm when my wife is looking away. I can’t list all the things she has been doing because I want to keep this as short as possible. 

I want to tell my wife about all that has been happening but I have always felt like an outsider when it comes to herself and Okwen. I told my friend about all the things happening and he told me it is my word against hers and that some of the things I said sounded like I am the one checking my wife’s friend out. 

Kinnaka’s Blog readers, I made a promise to myself to be a good father and husband to my kids partly because I never had the pleasure of having a dad. My father left my mother and got married to another woman when I was just 4 years old. I love my wife dearly and do not want to lose her. Should I risk it and tell her what her friend has been doing? I don’t have any physical proof and I am worried this incident might destroy her trust in people around her. 

What do I do please?


  1. Play the player with clean hands. Guide your honour. Avoid her, and if she comes powerfully tell her where you stand but remember to pray for such people have two dimensions of attacks

  2. Y r u guys giving ds guy bad advice? or is it strange to see a man who actually cares? Pls sir I think u shd confront ur wife's fren n tell her off. if she persists, u tell ur wife n just trust her.

  3. See the fact you just mentioned the relationship between and your fiance. Let's be real.
    You attract what you got.
    Honesty is the best key . And this challenge will not stop today. You need God and discernment of Holy spirit.
    Pray for wisdom and you have to start praying with your fiance.
    Your fiance might be naïve or otherwise.
    Fear is not part of marriage.
    You getting married and don't know if your wife trust you.
    Okwen could be your fiance enemy in sheep clothing.
    I can list a bunch of company I kept I thought they were friends. If not of the Grace of God. Yes they might even try to initiate you steal from you. That Jezebel spirit is not a joke. I LEARNED A HARD HARD LESSON.
    Please be adamant and note once you engage the battle against marriage commences.
    Start your prayers and fasting.
    On another platform I read a confession of a best friend.

    Show me your friend and I tell you who are. If your not rely on PS 91 your fiance might be initiated to be a seductress.

  4. The best thing is to tell your wife the truth and get her on your side.
    Now this depends on the relationship you have with your wife and how she will take it if you tell her the truth.
    ONe more thing, That is your wife, both of you are a team against every other person especially friends. You are not even suppose to feel like an outsider if you are a team. Fix that!
    I am a lady and if i was in your wife's position i would want to know that so that we fight that evil spririt out of our home together.
    at the end of the day all i will say is DO WHAT YOU KNOW IS RIGHT, DO WHAT YOU KNOW IS EXEMPLARY TO YOUR CHILDREN.
    Mannn all these girls out here tho. i just heard another similar story today during my lunch break smh.

  5. Hey, I am Joe. I have a solution for you. On a scale of 1 – 10, where does she stand? If above 7, then give me her number. I have a 12-inch weapon. I will sizzle her tushi and I bet you she will forget you. I am in Houston and I need to be wetting my weapon in Cameroonian juices. I have serviced DMV ladies for the last 8 years and they miss me. Some fly down to Houston for servicing quite often. Call me on (713) 884-3131. Always happy to help a brother out.

  6. I go die laugh here weeh God. Anyway laughter aside, you need to strike while the iron is hot. I guess you should talk to this girl and tell her you are not interested. If she does conntinue, tell your wife before she turns the story around. Soon she will become desperate and will start threatening you. Tell your wife about it and tell her to keep calm and then u trick that devilish girl into a scene and ask ur wife to show up so they ctch her red handed. Ones u don't talk about it know you will land urself in trouble very very soon

    • Best answer. If your wife doesn’t believe you then tell her that your guys should set a trap so your wife can see for herself. Sometimes seeing is believing. And don’t listen to those little who are telling your to cheat on your wife, people like that have nothing to offer at all except sex (and we are not even certain of that one). Boys like that are miserable and as we know, misery loves company. Remember the devil uses other people to do his dirty work. God has put it in your heart to want to do the right thing, like Abraham, you too are being tested and with God’s grace you shall overcome. I wish you the best.


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