Cameroon’s Foremost Online TV Is Set To Launched Soon!


Kinnaka TV hopes to become Cameroon’s foremost online platform with contemporary African content. The platform aims at celebrating and showcasing thriving African businesses springing up out of virtually nothing, African musicians coming to global acclaim, African fashion to rival those on any runway in the world, African tech entrepreneurs changing their communities one innovation at a time and modern African movies.

An ambitious undertaking to be sure, one that will require a significant investment in content. The Kinnaka TV team have already hit the ground running by toeing the self production route, coming up with a bouquet of shows like The Vibe, Risk Takers, Unplugged, Vox Pop, The Diaspora and Kinnaka Special. Kinnaka TV is also looking at signing syndicate agreements with entities who produce interesting African content as well as content partnerships with young people who have great media concepts and could use the Kinnaka online TV platform to get their stuff out to a larger audience.

The goal of Kinnaka TV is to bring positive awareness of the good talents and open up a new demographic to target a new direct market with a lot of buying power. Kinnaka TV is going live on July 11, 2016.

Visit the Kinnaka TV social media platforms.
Facebook: KINNAKA TV
Twitter: @kinnakatv
Instagram: kinnakatv



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