Nsang Dilong stuns in new photos (photos)


Nsang Dilong is a dynamic and passion driven woman from Kotto Barombi, a village in the South West Region of Cameroon. Born in Bokwaongo/Buea from a family of 4, Nsang did most of her primary education in Buea and in her village Kotto Barombi and Secondary Education in PCSS Buea, High School in PHS Kumba. She attended University of Yaoundé 2 for two years and later left because she didn’t love what she was studying. She moved to the University of Buea where she obtained a BSc in Sociology. 

Nsang’s BSc in sociology went a long way to equip her for the charity works she has been involved with for some years now. In 2011 she was crowned Miss West Africa Cameroon and went to the Gambia to represent Cameroon at the Miss West Africa International. 

In 2013, she was a runner up at the Miss Cameroon contest. She works with an NGO called Redemption Education Initiative, and they have as an objective to see more orphans and vulnerable kids in school. She goes to so many remote villages around Cameroon supervising the project. Nsang is an actress and also a TV presenter. Nsang acts and produces her own skits which are on her YouTube Channel and she has also featured in a few movies like Whispers, Tchanga and Inoma, Separate Lives Rumble and Expression. Some of her works are yet to be released. She is currently filming a TV series called Samba where she plays one of the female leads. She loves reading, cooking, watching movies, shopping and travelling.


  1. So u gals decided to damn Malvis just so u could praise Nsang the next day.wat a shame.
    These are two women fighting their respective battles in life and deserve respect without bringing down another just so da other should be praised.
    Shame on u Kiki for promoting such.

    • My fellow anonymous, shut that pit toilette in the name of mouth.do you want us to fabricate stories even when there is none.oh you check ya own na say wu be di just tok na cuz wu wan tok.anyone on fb who is defending Malvis is her groupie and this is not some sort of a game .if you want to be respected then respect yourself like Dilong.call a spade a spade.

  2. Is it yesterday kiki posted that stuff about Malvis? Malvis did nothing, just that long mop anony human being who is scared of showing her self out did it. Well it made Malvis gain more popularity. #notherfault

  3. Who is marvis? Who knows her ? When did she enter the industry.at her age she is a divorcee.shame.go back and beg ur husband


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