Please Help!!! My girlfriend is taller than me and it might ruin our relationship


Hi Kinnaka firstly I will start by thanking and encouraging your for bringing up such an innitiaive to be one of the best blogger we now have in Africa. My name is Joseph(not real) I am a Canadian citizen from the French speaking part of Cameroon.

I have a girl whom we have been dating since 2007 childhood till now she is base in Cameroon while I am studying in Canada. I lover her so much she has been very supportive of me from the first day and I don’t want to lose her but the biggest worry is that fact that she is Taller than me though she knows about this but she doesn’t care and still willing to be with me but I feel very much uncomfortable with this and I am most likely to quit the relationship please I need help what can I do?thanks

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  1. You are stupid to think that way. Sorry to say. What has height got to do with love and her caring nature. What will you do if you drop her and get one shorter than you. If she is a precious and wonderful as you say my man love her and marry her. By the way tall ladies are amazing.


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