EXCLUSIVE: Cameroonian Singer, Blanche Exposes The “Conning” Mister Elad


Blanche is a Cameroonian London-based afro pop artist. She displays a diversity of style which she injects into her music. A mixture of English, French and Pidgin which she blends meticulously in her songs. She moved to the UK in 2012 in order to pursue her singing career and now she has finally embarked on the journey of her dreams. In her first and only release “Killa”, Blanche stated that “she ain’t here to play games”. It seems like Mister Elad aka Mr Melody did not get the message, as Blanche’s business dealings with him became a game of deceit and unprofessionalism.


Mister Elad is a Cameroonian upcoming artist-cum-producer whom Blanche was introduced to via a mutual friend and contacted while in the UK. After reaching a business agreement, Blanche spent 1000 Euros on a flight ticket in August 2015 to fly out and work with Mister Elad. According to Blanche, Mister Elad was supposed to spend a week in the studio with her to produce four songs. Blanche and Mister Elad agreed on 300,0000frs as payment for Mister Elad’s services which she fulfilled. Mister Elad, however, did not show up at the studio for two days despite their one week agreement of intensive work. This did not add a dent to Blanche’s trust towards him or ruin their professional relationship. 

Mr Elad and Blanche in the studio
The whole picture started to change when Mister Elad failed to deliver Blanche’s premixes as they had agreed on. After two months of back-to-back texting and calls to remind Mister Elad of his part of the deal, the seemingly professional Mister Elad who had long revealed his true colours as “the con man” sent Blanche raw vocals without any work done on them whatsoever. 
To cut a long story short, it has now been 7 months and poor Blanche is yet to receive the mix or master version of her songs that she has paid. According to Blanche, the unprofessional Mister Elad came up with a string of excuses each time she asked for her tracks. Her career has been put on hold by Mister Elad. What did Blanche do to deserve this sort of treatment from you Mister Elad?
KB is waiting to hear your own side of the story Mister Elad….
The following are some of the messages that were exchanged between Blanche’s manager and Mister Elad.

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  1. Mr Elad is talented thief and Blanche is not his only victim. More people need to expose him. The dog needs to stop using people's studios and not paying ngorobeef!

  2. Omg!!! This is not nice ooh . ELAD better came fix this up if its true. Cheiii to imagine that your song Chakara has been ringing in my head during the last 5 days. And now this. Better fix this up. Between you are connected to my personal person Liinx so sit up. I won't judge you till I get your own part of the story.

  3. Oh well that's too bad. I really like his song 'chakara'… I had no clue he was this type of person. I couldn't decipher much from the WA messages. I hope to hear his side of the story soon though.

  4. Mr Elad is very talented guy but this scamming and arrogant attitude will finish his career before it even starts. Blanche is not his first victim just like the first anonymous said. Thank you Kinaka blog for listening to the poor girl and putting her story out here for people to see who he really is. He better sort things out with the girl before she takes things to another level as i have already heard. Gone are those days where u can play around with people's money and career and go free.

  5. Spending 1000 Euros and 300k FCFA and getting no result at the end of the day is something to be frustrated about. I understand the girl.

    I will only ask Elad and all other producers to be outright with their clients when things aren't working out well. It's best when mutual understandings are met then trying to salvage an already bad situation.

    Good Relationships in this industry is something to be treated with like your own baby.

  6. Ya papa and ya mama be dong ever hold 300frs talkess of 300k. idiot. enemy of progress. i sure na one of elad ye cousin talk that rubbish. family for arm robbers.

  7. Let the word also go out to all those Producers who spend thier careers producing themselves !!! Collect money from Underground and Upcoming Artists just to buy new equipments for themselves and thier "Star friends" … Tchuips , in fact if i continue i may be forced to call names , … Kamer Producers , alot still remains for y'all to learn !!!


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