Kinnaka’s Blog is giving away $1000 under project GOLA

25 Hi KB readers,
My name is Kiki, I am the publisher of Kinnaka’s Blog and today is my birthday. I strongly believe in hard work and entrepreneurship, and to promote that, I will be giving out $1000 to two young Cameroonians (i.e $500 each) to support or bring to live a business idea as my little way of celebrating my birthday. I get too excited on my birthdays so I will be doing another post when I am much calmer to tell you all how and who can get the funds. Will like to call this little project of ours “ here GOLA” simply because it is my mother’s maiden name. I know how we all feel about our mothers so I wouldn’t bore you by gushing over mine. I tell you what though, she is special…very special and the pillar of my core being.
Thanks for reading Kinnaka’s blog and God bless you all…


  1. Happy Birthday Wiy Ntoh.What a great idea you've got there enjoy your day and I wish you many more decades.Depuis Paris Daddy Pro Schengen

  2. Happy bday to an incredible girl frd ,Beauty with brains….ur happiest day ?is finally here boo, I trust u not to spare any fun on this special day…aww what a way to honour mum, the world knows u cos she first preserved u,continue to do her and urself proud, mums are priceless.
    God continue to enrich u, again it's ur day have max fun xoxo!!

  3. Joyeux anniversaire à toi Kinnaka!

    Tu es une fille très généreuse et ce jour de ton anniversaire révèle encore un aspect de ta beauté intérieure et extérieure. Les paroles me manquent pour célébrer to anniversaire spécial. Bon vent à toi et à ton initiative d’entreprenariat et de bloggeuse. Que le Dieux tout puissant te bénisse toi et ta famille.

  4. Happy birthday my love. Thanks for giving back to the society. Wonderful gesture. That's why you are my blogger extraordinaire. You took blogging in Cameroon to a whole new level. Keep the good work coming darling.

  5. HBD,wow i want to also congratulate u more for the hardwork u've been doing updating the block cuz i always updates via this block,the block is simple but powerful,i like it this way cuz i'm a simple person and like simple thinks.I can't wait to get at tip of the project,i am more than willing to take part and also say hi to ur's gud u let us know the venue where the "Gateaux d'anniversaire" will be shared,if we can make it,gud and if not,then next time but aw aw already putting down my project.Chow


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