KB Reader Shares His Thursday Experience with Government Offices in Kumbo, Cameroon

I am a social Entrepreneur, Empowerment Coach/Public speaker, when I was in high school my parents especially my mum kept on telling me that I should be a civil servant. I actually agreed with them at that time and was so anxious (Civil Servant metrical syndrome). In the past and currently in Cameroon, young Cameroonians believe that you can only make it if you are in the government as a civil servant. But growing up I started having very funny and disgraceful observations about civil servants in Cameroon.

My first encounter was when I was old enough to do my national identity card, and the day I went to the police station to do it, it took me 2 days to have it and in the office of government employees who have poor manners and poor work place attitude. People who don’t know that they are there to serve. I had other encounters with government offices and workers. And since then I hated government work and civil servants. Five years later today 04th February 2016 (Thursday) I wanted to do some official documents which to do these I must go through different government offices and workers. Here is my experience today

I left my residence at 8:00 Am as a humble citizen who respects time for the process but unfortunately by 3:40PM I was not done (still have to go back tomorrow Friday). All my require files were complete but because of unnecessary bureaucracy and laxity at work by government employees. This is what happened in the various offices I entered: Office 1: This was the first office I entered at about 8:20 Am, the lady came at 9:30Am and before I got there, there were already 8 Cameroonians waiting since 8:00AM and when she came in, she cleaned her office for 30 minutes and I could only complete what I came to do after over 3 hours of waiting (friends coming in and chatting, long phone calls from friends, chatting on whatsapp etc)

Office 2: The second office was also a lady. This lady was to fill some documents for me to take to the doctor for my medical certificate to be prepared. This lady (Nurse) answered a call for over 22 minutes from her younger sister. While she (nurse) was answering this call there was a guy sitting in front of her and after her long call she asked the guy “abeg move dat temperature stick givam for me I be don forget me”. After which she received another call again and a colleague came in and said to her “I no like dat thing wey u di doam so u no bi come here na for di answer call dem” and it did not bother her at all. I waited in this office for more than 2 hours (luckily I had my phone and I was facebooking lol)

Office 3: The third office was really a high office. I filled the card to request for audience with the “big man” and when I came the guard in charge was answering a phone call, I finished filling he was still answering the phone call, I stood for about 15 minutes and he was still talking on phone with a childhood friend. After his phone call he took my audience request to the “big man” and it took another 2 hours to see the big man. You know why? Because of friends and relatives coming to visit during working hours and unnecessary phone calls that does not relate with his work.
Office 4: This was another office I entered this Thursday, I entered this office at 11:30AM and the office was still being cleaned by the cleaner (then imagine when the officer came to the office). The officer said to me “go and stand outside there until the water is well dried off”. (I did obey her I had no choice).

With all these categories of civil servants as workers tell me how can Cameroon emerge and grow. As an entrepreneur, time is money I started imagining what I would have achieved in my office this Thursday, I would have earned good money.
Javnyuy Joybert
Social Entrepreneur/Empowerment Coach


  1. Had those experiences over n over when I was in Cameroon..its a sad thing bro.only thing u can do is have integrity as an individual and don't follow d crowd.be efficient in ur own office even if u r d only one in d building doing so..trust me it'll be well appreciated.just do ur part..people of integrity like us r still out there n we can make a difference in our own little way

  2. Dirty sysytems always produce such.Its quite embarrassing to read that almost all the sectors suffer from the very dreaded disease ''sloth topor'' in Budhism. Cameroon needs young and optimistic minds who will be sustainable change.Sad is that the education system to an extend has less good left so those who come out base on ''as it was in the beginning is now and for ever'' philosophy. I remember a young man who gave me such a treatment in the court of appeal in Bamenda and requested 10000frs fee for his daily task. I pray I meet him again. God bless you and KB for speaking it out


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