Kiki I learned about your blog from a friend in Yaounde. She told me you are open to readers sharing their stories on your platform and that it is very popular both home and abroad. I will not lie, I have never read your blog before and that is because I cannot afford internet. I hope you are still kind enough to share my story as it is important to me.

I met my first love in 2007 at Progressive Comprehensive College Bamenda. We connected with each other from day one and sometimes I think it was because we were both orphans. My parents died of HIV back in the early 90s (yes HIV is real), my mother’s brother took over all my financial needs while I lived with my grandmother.  Paul (not his real name, name hidden for privacy reasons) was the kindest person I knew. He use to treat me like a queen and even though many girls in school wanted him he remained faithful to me. My grandmother loved him so much and she would cook something special every Sunday and invite him to eat. Paul became part of the family. Even my uncle in America knew about him and included his own gift in anything he was sending home.

When we got to Lower Sixth my Uncle advised me and Paul to play the American Lottery which we did. I was unlucky and did not win, Paul however won and I was so happy for him. Then the problem of where to get money to follow up his documents and pay for his flight came up. My grandmother had a long phone conversation with my uncle and my uncle agreed to help Paul. The deal was that he would get to America settle down then start processing my documents as his wife so that I could join my uncle there. Everything went as planned and Paul traveled.

Everything was fine the first year Paul was in America. He was in America for three years and never for once sent me a dollar or even a pin. I never complained, I didn’t want anything from him. I was very understanding because I remember how hard thing were for my uncle when he just arrived America and things only got better after he got a graduate job. All I wanted from Paul was love and full communication. He called me only once in a month and it was always for about 5 mins which he spent moaning about how hard America is. I called my uncle and complaint and he told me to forget Paul. He told me unimaginable things about Paul and had changed and was dating white women all over the place. He told me Paul is living way out of his means and has refused to pay his $7500 he borrow months ago. My uncle said I didn’t need Paul and that when I finished with my degree at the Catholic University he would process my documents to come to America. I cried for months, I couldn’t believe my uncle and still kept in contact with him even though I was the one doing the calling.

Last year when Paul told me he was visiting Cameroon I was very excited. A month before he came to Cameroon, he started calling me weekly. When I called my uncle to remind him my fees was due, he told me he heard Paul was coming to Cameroon and that I should stay away from him. I pretended as if I just heard the news for the first time and promised him to stay away from Paul.

I was at the airport when Paul arrived! He was dressed in the most expensive clothes I have ever seen and he looked more handsome and sounded like a Black America. We went straight home and to bed as he was only spending a week and we wanted to make the most of it. The next day while Paul was visiting his friends around Yaounde I went to pick up my fees that my uncle sent. When I came back home Paul was home and he opened his bag and gave me an Iphone 5 he brought for me. I was so excited and thanked him. I called my uncle to thank him for the fees and as I got off the phone, Paul told me he needed my help as he had forgotten to send money to himself so that he could pick it up when he got to Cameroon. He told me to give him my fees and he would send it back to me immediately he got to America. My fees was due in two weeks and Paul was only going to be in Cameroon for a week so after hesitating I gave him the money. He went to Santa, visited my grandmother and was with his family for three days then came back to Yaounde. We went out every night drank and eat with his friends.

The day Paul was flying back to America, I cried and cried. He told me he would be back soon and we made love all night. Paul got to America and did not send my fees. I called him and he told me to give him 4 days and after the 4 days I called. Paul told me that he had no money to give me and beside we all enjoyed the money together when he was in Cameroon. I couldn’t believe my eyes! I kept calling and begging and the next I knew he gave the phone to a woman who sounded white and introduced herself as his girlfriend. The lady insulted me and asked me never to ring again. My fees due date past and I fell ill was taken to the hospital by my classmate. While in the hospital the doctor told me I was pregnant. I called Paul and he number did not go through then I decided it was time to open up to my uncle.

When I told my uncle what happened, he was so angry he went and confronted Paul in his house and they had a heated argument and he hit Paul and broke his nose. Paul called the police and my uncle was arrested.  My uncle’s boss heard about the incident and sacked him from work. As I type this I have not heard from my uncle or from Paul again since the incident. I was forced to drop out of my last year in University because of my fees, other expenses and pregnancy. I moved back to Bamenda to stay with my grandmother and my son is now 5 months old and very ill.

Uncle if you are reading this I am sorry. I am sorry your kids and wife are going through a financial crisis because of my stubbornness. You treated me like your own daughter and I messed things up.

Paul thank you for ruining my life and the only family I have. Our son is your copy and I will let God be the judge.


  1. Dam, some one please bring me this Paul so I can treat him like the animal that he is. u do this to my sister. I am killing u no question about that.

  2. Heheheheh! serve you right. Only a sturbburn fly follows the corps to the grave.I pity your uncle for he is only a victim in this circumstance. May God see him through

  3. when you say it serves you right you only goes to show how stupid you are .doubt if you even read the complete story@talla desmond .put everything in prayers my dear when theres life theres hope for your own story has not ended .

  4. The bible says obey your parents so your days May be long on earth but you let Carmel desires control your mind. However,babies are a blessing,pray dey and nite for ur baby,uncle and for God to intervene in Paul's case.I assure you what ever the devil stole will be restored several folds. God is just waiting for you to sincerely talk to him and depend on his wisdom. The child maybe the one to take you higher so fight for him.

  5. @ Daniel its my opinion say yours without hating OK? Its your mother who is stupid for not teaching you every person has his or her opinion in social life matter.

  6. Wow sad story indeed. Reckless Paul does not know what life is like. Girl if u don't have hiv from him, then thank God n focus on ur child.

  7. My don't worry. It's sad love is taken for granted a lot but thank God u only had a baby for him without HIV. In relationship pls think of yourself first and set your priorities straight on what is impt to you & listen to good advice. Just empower urself & Paul will come begging one day.

  8. No matter how you love a person if a family member tells you they've had a bad experience with that person, think twice.
    Paul will someday regret his life but it might be overly late. Forgive the dude, stay positive and work hard believing your life has not ended but it's the beginning of a new chapter.
    Be strong never loose motivation, make goals and thrive to reach them with all your heart. Don't make small goals make big ones and believe in them. Be blessed

  9. I just love such stories ,any way since u have seen where ur stupidity took u to ,I am sure u will be careful next time,and for u Mr Paul ,this is not where it ends you will see what the tears of an orphan can do to your life bastard


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