Stanley Enow Ft Ice Prince – ‘Yours’


Motherland Empire (Stanley Enow) hooked up with Chocolate City (Ice Prince) to create “Yours”. Feeling really confused after watching the video, as I am not sure who is featuring who? Will Reserve my personal opinion as far as the song and the video are concerned. So I am asking the true authors of this blog (KB readers) to dish out your opinions at the comment section.
Watch the video below…


  1. this is really crazy , Bandy can u pls help me tell that fake musician call Stanley Enow that if he doesn't knows what to sing ,he should go pay people to write songs for him?there are many talented song writers out there and all what he what he does is to repeat the same rap lyrics over and over again in different songs that features be Honest Stanley is a mess in the Cameroon music industry ( C.M.I ).And he even has the mind to call himself the King of CMR God go punish that yi big black mouth. Our mboko god (Grand Jovi ) is doing pretty good i love him.if possible i want Stanley to see this my little message and a piece of advice.

    • Go call yourself what ever you wanna call.
      If your name can be more popular than his then you are better.
      Fuck all heaters

  2. Hahahaahaaaha ok no shades intended a friend actually tagged me on this on facebook and he was hyping somuch. Knowing that Ice prince and his Chocolate city boys have been out of the scene for long time. I was doubting what good can come out of them. Now I took courage to listen to the song and Ice prince sang 95% the same question on my mind was who is featuring who. Stanley barely sang. Between I don´t know the reason for choosing Ice Prince in a collabo. If I were him I will go for someone from a music label that is making waves. its like Ice prince is using Stanley to revive his sleeping music career meanwhile Stanley on his part needs someone to boost him in the Nigerian Music industry. Well my conclusion was that I still love the Collabo with Fuse ODG and Olamide. This one am not feeling it. Well My booboo say I should listen over and over again I might get interested in it.

  3. Well .its a good music .but i think there is a problem with who is featuring who ? Finally Stanley got style but he didn't sing anything .im still his fan hoping for a change

  4. Stanley never disappoints when it comes to visuals as usual. His love for his motherland as demonstrated in his mention of Cameroon on every one of his tracks is indeed commendable. In my opinion, he's the undisputed King Kong of Camer's Hip hop music visuals; other Kamer genres inclusive.

    This collaboration with Ice Prince is a good one. Like previous commenters indicated, it's hard to reconcile who's featuring who, judging from the song title and the vocal contributions. While the title indicates it is a Stanley tune, he raps for about 58 seconds in 4 minutes 45 seconds piece. As far as lyricism and delivery is concern, Stanley needs to go back to the drawing board of these core rap concepts. It will be great if he could fix/improve this lacking aspect of his already good showmanship.

    The Anonymous.

  5. Ice prince is not a fool to do all the work for song.reason is involved.
    Paid him and he delivered.
    How long will it last?
    This is a disgrace to the cameroon music industry.
    Wonders a bow for all appreciating Enow.

  6. Ice prince zamani aha na wah oh I feel like if I shld take music as a career I will flow better Dan dis but weri carry concern me. Wonna givam d pretty smile oh well done wonna don try wonna best at least one shld urs lol

  7. Stanley Enow is just a good business man. It's called showbiz. Ain't no one looking out for you in this industry. Stanley is just doing his thing. It could be wack to many of us but it sure is the thing putting us on the map. Unlike my fav Cmr artist(Jovi) who is just a very stupid useless business man. It annoys me that with all that talent, he's still broke. Conclusion, encourage more talented artists to step up their PR and Biz rather than nailing the Banyangi boy.

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