KB reader shares shocking experience today


Anonymous Cameroonian KB reader had a horrible experience today…


  1. What exactly did she see? I hate it when people jump into conclusion. How on earth can she imagine something like that. I think she is sick in the head and is desperately trying to make a story out of nothing. If I see a mother kissing her son I will not think otherwise. Only people with sick thought can afford to draw such baseless conclusion. Get a life. I wonder what he or she is teaching the poor boy, smh

  2. Hmnnn a 16 year old in deep kiss with the mom and you guys call it baseless conclusion. Na waoo. Well I think you should ignore them and go on with your job.

  3. English hahaha forgive typos nahhhwwww Anony 04.47

    to me this comes to mine … money ritualistic… you never know how people get their money. The traditionalist never give you the T's an C's and consequences. One thing is for sure nothing is for free. And the god of money has to mock mankind. so being possessed they don't function as how God created them.
    Only the blood of Jesus Christ breaks all of these covenants. Watched a Nigerian movie, mother and son were gbeshing and to the extent of sleeping with each others partners.
    One thing is for sure with money ritual is the spirit of perversion – sexual sin in all sort of forms – you sin against your own body. Mind reading, Lying and TIF is not far from the equation.
    Discuss this with Jesus Christ and be saved
    If the writer is strong Christian intercede for them. Otherwise start looking for another job.


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