Jovi Warns Stanley Enow


On January 1st, 2016, Jovi aka Boko God released his New EP Puta Madre. In the third single titled Bend Down Work, Jovi took Stanley Enow to the ‘cleaners and back’. According to Jovi, Stanley Enow has only one hit song which is Hein Pere. Boko God goes on by indicating that the beats from Hein Pere aren’t Stanley Enow’s.

“Ya only hit you tif na different man yi beat, 

And after that all the rest just be na shit ,
If na say you buy the beat show we receipt,
But If receipt no dey that one na tif”

Jovi goes on by making reference to Stanley Enow’s interview with Pulse TV Nigeria where he spoke about his rivalry with Jovi . He warns him to stop mentioning his name or his will punish him the Boko God way.
Will Stanley Enow ignore Jovi or fire back in his new song? Personally I think these two should cut it off! It is getting boring. A collabo would be more interesting..
Click here to download Jovi’s EP Puta Madre


  1. jovi u seem to have a problem respecting fellow artists first it was magasco now kingkong .crobo head get off ur high horse take ur realness n shove it up ur ass

    • Seriously stop exhibiting ignorance. I hope u said the same thing when Stanley Enow went to Nigeria and vomitted trash insulting all Cameroonian artist. Nonsense. If you did not say same to Stanley Enow, then abeg take several seats. Thats is how mature rappers in the US fight. Thru lyrics in their music not on interviews. If ei hot Stanley let him compose a single verse and fight too. That he can never do cos he is talentless.

  2. Hahahahhahahahahaha chaiii I comment my reserve ooh. This one na serious talk for fight. Meek Mill vs Drake part one. We are watching ooh.

  3. I doubt if Stanley even gets to listen to all those quater songs, even if he does it will make no sense cuz there is just no match and it's clear! Jovi had his "buzz" before Stanley but when Stanley came, he trembled, and lost the position he is tryingb to take back. How I wish he realises that it takes pretty much more than the child's play he is doing, to reclaim the position stanley took. We all know Stanley does not worth it but He's the best yet. If I were Jovi, or his advicer, I never would have allowed Puta Madre released cus it's wack! Is he regressing? I just realised HIV was the album he was put on the planet to write. Valsero made a good impact in a short while, Xzafrane warns the public not to mix them (real ones) with the fake, Le Caide released an epic album "Que les vrais se reconnaise"…I first head Jovi's "HIV" and I thought he will represent, rather he has engaged in the fake competition and spoiled his show! "A wise man will avoid a quarrel with a mad man on the stret, lest he also be seen as a mad man by the observers"

  4. Am loving this.If na for lyrics them go insult themselves then wahala that's what big artists do.They use their music to convey the anger.Good job Jovi now let's wait and see what Enow will do hihihi.Lyric war sweet go pass so Enow fire back bros

    • Stanley Enow no fit go into that war for lyrics. He would rather bring it out during interviews for that one argument no even dey sef.

  5. All our stars are gods .if not Cameroon rap God then it's Boko God
    Soon we will have benskin God .you guys think beefing gives you fans but believe me you instead send the few u had away bc we can't even explain your problem .

  6. You forgot to mention the part in one of his songs in which he says "I am blessed. They put me in their blogs to get attention." I am also out of here lol

    • Indeed my dear. I listened to the said song and got alot of positive vibes from it. Kiki take your time ooh lol. This is me coming for you now. hahahhaha

  7. Beef or no beef ehhh…it di change price for eru or kanda for market??wona two go gas n look for ways to coller development in your music…

  8. Hahahahah all dis block headed pipo saying trash.wosa una b dey wen dat empty headed stanley b go di call JOVI e name for radio? Make e mention Jovi e name again see thing weh e go happen. Every action deserves a reaction.Jovi won't go that love to mention his fucken name on air.but will insult the whack Rapper in lyrics cuz hz a lyrical God.if e hot stanley Enow make e go move e own song.he won't even dare bc d nigga lacks inspiration if e like make e go sing ngombe ngombe bintolo…Rubbish! JOVI's is Camer's finest weh e wan die make e die.if stanley like make e Bend down work like e boss don tok.hz too proud with that his empty head.d oda day he blasted Franko views on YouTube and said no matter d views he remains d best..c as d boy di jealous.ano know if kinnaka nobi c da one weh stanley enow b shade franko,keep dreaming stanley..Franko is farrrrrrr gone Dan ul eva think of going half way.PS: No ever mention Jovi e name again.mumu.take ya time to write songs that make sense rada Dan being Jealous.King Kong ma foot!

  9. Hahaha, but even Jovi's "Don for kwat" is stolen beat too. Check out Red Cafe's "Hottest nigga in the hood",and you'll see. But that doesn't change the fact that Jovi is my favorite wrt Stanley Enow.

    • I listened to the both songs and no similarities. Maybe we have different listening capacities. They are in no way similar.

  10. Kiki he did not mention any names. How ever I know you need content. But please I will prefer you insinuate rather than interprete. Your blog is one of the most read in Cameroon and you have the career of these guys in your hands. They are just young artists starting off so please do them a favour and promote thier music rather than thier problems. Anyway Sha, blogger di write na tin weh pple want read. Happy new year 2016 by the way

  11. That Puta Madre is one of the worse EPs i have ever heard! It was pain all through! Jovi should stick with what he knows and stop this trap music experiment.It is just not working

  12. Hahaha you all know JOVI is the bees of all
    So pls Stanley Enow if you see are BOOS don't stop mention any name.
    But how ever i know is are BOOS BOKO GOD will pout you K.O

  13. How wuna go even grow for music weh wuna di fight wuna leave fighting for nigerians them weh they got lots of togetherness before fighting this suck man wuna be in peace massa Gumber them

  14. ake jovi lock e mop. We know Stanley does not flow like you yes. But seriously I bought your album and Mboko God and regretted. I actually bought cuz I wanted to compare it with soldier like my papa. But it's too classy to even compare it with Mboko God. Sorry to say this but it's the truth. Stanley knows quality and goes for it. He understands what is showbiz. Jovi why are yo not doing Collabos out of new bell music? You are not an inspiration at all. Altist we see Stanley comenting and promoting young artist like Locko and up coming Montess. You are in a world of your own. First you Cush magasco then put barcadi where do you think you are heading to. I beg music no be all about marijuana

  15. if only Jovi could repackage himself… his videos zero quality compared to Stanley… its not just about singing sense these days but how u brand ur self to appeal to the public too… Jovi u need to work on ur videos for real…

  16. The best answer is for Stanley is stay quiet and focus on his music and success like Magasco and Pitt did. Waka di rant and beef all time. u be who. try do collabo with other artist apart from your New Bell environment

  17. hahahahaha stanley enow man way yie like for di beg stars them for di snap. jovi forget about this buea anglophone them na stanley enow be their best rapper hahahahahahahahah. fuck your feelings and your feelings feelings

  18. It's getting boring. Jovi cut the shit. Cameroon music is too young to start with beefing. What u two should do is to make a collabo and encourage the young. Rats

  19. This Jovi is a very jealous man. He only wants to start diss tracks woth stanley cuz for ie mind ie know say ie go win. Well lets wait n see when d diss tracks comments.
    Jovi u too nor tif beat rap style n title for red cafe ie song.
    Make the pidgin n mboko version for ie beats pidgin n mboko version for ie chorus pidgin n mboko version for lyrics and even pidgin and mboko version for ie title n now u wan attack stanley enow the mboko way?
    Any how tif man go always tif. Ie go punish u the tif way. Jolos man.

  20. Mboko God (JOVI):- They Put me in their Blogs just to get ATTENTION.

    "Ya only hit you tif na different man yi beat,
    And after that all the rest just be na shit ,
    If na say you buy the beat show we receipt,
    But If receipt no dey that one na tif" (All TRUE)

    Now the Beef: Make them 2 enter one pot cook better stew make man chop. C comment meme? Ont est Ou La..

    Point na say, all artists dem di tiff something for some place. Make man no even argue. Meme Jovi sef KNOW.

    • Massa weti u drink?all man di tif.Jovi yi track don4kwat na just kwatastyle for Red cafe yi song hottest nigga in the guys them bad for dis outside

    • Massa weti u drink?all man di tif.Jovi yi track don4kwat na just kwatastyle for Red cafe yi song hottest nigga in the guys them bad for dis outside

  21. le pere noel n'existe pas reste la ne travail pas, jovi you've worked but you not succeeded, all what you have as follows are just mere hand clappers and facebook Tigers, they know within them that you are fading out without even half of an award to show for, what a shame for a so called Camerooian messiah,remember in life there are those who matter and those who make things is not all about marijuana.bros

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  24. looking into all this beef with your fellow artist, home brother makes me look back to why the Cameroonian music industry can’t grow because our artist here are very selfish, filled with greed and due to this they don’t collaborate, nor support each other. This all bullshit mehn
    ” we are one big nation, one blood and love is all we should present,
    those who call themselves kings and God’s of music here, actions speaks louder than words.


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