How Two Girls Found Out They Were Dating the Same Guy After His Death (photos)


Social media is a snitch! Balogun until his death, was based in USA, with his girlfriend known only as Dora. When Balogun died some weeks ago, Dora who has always kept their relationship off social media went against her principles my pouring out her heart and writing a touching eulogy for him on Instagram. Miles away from the USA, Osato who is based in South Africa and flaunted Balogun before his death, also took to Instagram to write a loving eulogy about her boyfriend. And that was how they got to know they shared the same love. Balogun has since been buried.
The trio are Nigerians

Check out the screenshots below.

Ladies, upload a photo of your boyfriend today on social media if you are in a serious relationship. You never know who will crawl out of the shadows and claim your man…Choi


  1. Poor boy see as you take ya own hand spoil ya die. Atleast thank God they got to know after his nodi know maybe knife for comot.cos my sisters ain't smiling.

  2. ?????? men since I got married I took my husband photos off my Facebook I even unfriend him cos the things we see sometimes on this social media I feel sorry for those girls all of them imagining he was their knight in shinny amour Rip

  3. hahahahahah chhoiii..ok this isn't even funny y I'm I laughing?? I have kept mine off social media, hmmm maybe it's time to post ohhh…weh the sad thing is the guy is dead.


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