Did Jovi ‘steal’ Don 4 Kwat Beats? (video)


On January 9, 2016, I did this post Jovi warns Stanley Enow. A KB reader left a very interesting comment there which I checked out and really don’t know what to conclude.

So I decided to let you all be judges my KB readers. Could this be the case of the ‘pot’ calling ‘kettle’ black?

Check out Jovi’s ‘Don 4 Kwat’ and Red Cafe’s ‘Hottest In da Hood’ where he allegedly copied his beats from.
See both videos below.


  1. These are totally 2 different beats. ABeggggggg. Them no even resemble sef. Cheiii who did the comparison. ABeg KB readers wona listen give opinions ooh. Cos i saw no similarity in this. Honestly i did not.

    • At best, this track inspired Jovi's Don for quart.(best possible assumption) The reason i say so is because the beat for hottest in the hood and don for quart are"similar" .There is a difference between similar and same. Dont confuse the two. With that said,The best possible scenario is hottest in the hood inspired jovi to make a similar song that reflects the environment where he comes from. An environment most cameroonians understand and itentify with. The out come was epic. He did well.

    • the beat are not similar or the same. the beat of Jovi is just Sampled from red Caffe's own… and just like Stanley Enow, Jovi…"tief" the beat if i am taking in his sense.

  2. whoever thought to compare such doesn't have any elementary knowledge about beat production.the person can still say dat Ycee's Jagaban of Nigeria is a copy of Vector's King kong…those are 2 very different songs. u nid to understand production before you compare.

    • What do you know about music. I am a fan of Jovi too, but man sit down in a comfortable chair, listen to red Cafe's song and you'll see that not only the song, but the tittle is a simple translation into pidgin.

    • Mummy did u expect Jovi to copy and paste??? no no no that s why he s a genius.Jovi no di only steal beats but steal styles and even lyrics.however his genius makes it sounds better.that s why we say he is talented

  3. it's a big lie. jovi's beat of don for quart is so different from that of Redcafe. it's African, wetty that man know about beat. Check it well redeems may look the same but the beat different. U need music and beat making classes

    • What do you know about beat making? Sit down in a comfortable chair and listen to both songs very well before coming out to express yourself. Man be real.

    • hahahahhaha you don t expect Jovi to copy n paste hahhahahahaha Anonymous tie heart but what Gebding said is true.Jovi stole so many other beats or styles from Kanye West but that doesn t take away his genius.i still think it s creeativity,but when u go start make like u want laugh another man………………..mmmmmmmm

  4. Those are 2 very different beats.
    KB is pro-StanleyEnow, Fact!
    It's not a bad thing to support an artist, but you always report articles that make Stanley look good and Jovi, bad.
    Personally I think they are very good artists, arguably the 2 best rappers in Cameroon.
    If they could put away their childish petty fights, they'd make better names and more money for themselves.
    So what if Jovi or Stanley Enow copied, after all, "Good artists copy, great artists steal. Pablo picasso"

  5. So he didn't only copied da beat…he equally simply translated "hottest niggae in da hood" into "Don for kwat". These all mean the samemassa so our top artists lack originality?

  6. Kinnaka isn't only Team stanley,she actually removes post supporting JOVI.I noticed that wen I did it twice and she removed it.nonsense!!!

  7. And if she actually does that to all my comments supporting Jovi then I guess she does that to a wide range of other fans.this will be d last time am commenting on this blog.if u care remove dis one again.mumu

  8. Abeg…copy beat na which one? if two producers usin d same DAW nd use d same sample will d songs not technically sound d same…wety sef wit Jovi n Stanly all time…u no get Newwws! tsuippp! Sote dem d claim best rapper.P Square dem don d remake people their whole album dem nova hammer? Abeg!

    • don t blame the blogger,go blame Jovi wei open ignorant mop kosh ei friend say ei friend na copy copy,thinking we didn t know he was copying too.

  9. Steve Jobbs said "Good artists invent, great artists steal". It's VERY normal to modify someone else's beats and use as Jovi rightly did with Red Cafe's. Yes, it's kind of stolen from "Nigga in da hood". Remember that stealing is not an easy task. However, Jovi is much more creative than Stanley Enow.

  10. Guys don't be fanatics. Be fans, as I am. Those who say they know "the concept of beat making", use virtual dj. Maybe it'll clarify you all. I'm no pro, but with my basic knowledge of music, I see the similarity. OK, why did Manu Dibango and Michael Jackson have an issue, whereas both songs seem different?

  11. Lol I guess I'm one of the few anonymouses who'll say those beats are similar, and after listening to the two I'll say yes, I agree Jovi got a whole lot of inspiration from Red Cafe; and the titles 'hottest in da hood' and 'don 4 kwat' … the anonymous who noticed dat is a genuis. Lol. That said who doesn't steal these days? – even Beyonce does. It's really hard to be a Michael Jackson

  12. If you know how to use the software to create bea
    t then u will see that they are same, just listening to the song u will only think the are close when the fact is they are same….same amplitude, same kicks, that dont means Jovi is not talented, if you think it easy try do a remake

  13. ……even the name Jovi is copied from. ….Bon Jovi.(who no know them) Jovi di copy so much just that we don't just want to focus on weakness

  14. Lol hahahaha Mosina see as u busy on this post. When Stanley Enow insulted every one in the music industry you no be comot for corectam. Now u join for roast Jovi.Isorait! !!

  15. gebding gimma, u must be very stupid to say the beats are thesame. I am sure you took a very strong brand in the morning before listening to these 2 beats. u are very stupid.

  16. bla bla bla. we all are music fans of both artists. Hottest Nigga in da Hood doesnt mean Don for kwat. u cud be a don n not hot…u cud be hot n not a don. the word hot in da rap world has a very different meaning from Don.people get inspired from other's production. we can only relate what Jovi said in his song about the tif beat…until he mentions Stanley's name, dat phrase cud be addressed to any other artist who came to the limemight thru a cover song. for example, i knew Mic Monsta who is one of ma favorite Mcs a long time ago but so many others knew him thru his cover of N word by Ice Price n King Kong by Vector…remember there used to be a feud between Jovi n Monsta as i hear when a remix to Jovi's bwam was released featuring Mic Monsta…that was squashed and Jovi invited him to feature on Et Pui Koi remix 237…so anything these days can relate to anyone. wuna lif these artists dem make dem di express themselves. social media just go a long way to upgrade and / or downgrade an artist. we can't blame them. this is entertainment and da industry is very dirty.

    • Bros with all due respect. try talk less and talk sense massa. translate "hood" to pidgin too make we hear. we don't wanna hear about other artists. the debate is about Jovi's beat "did Jovi copy the beat?"
      My answer is a big YES. because, in my ears, the beats sound the same. Jovi is my favourite Rap act in +2376 land no doubt. But he must stop responding to petty chats.
      Why cast the first stone when he knew he committed the same crime?

  17. Na waoh.So nothing no dey 2 write again.Only Jovi and Stanley..Tshuiiip.Jay z's big pimpim was a sample of an indian song.Does that take the crown of best rapper away from him?.Hein pere by Enow was a sample of Chris brown's song,whetti do????.I no blame bloggers.I blame na the cheap internet rate wey ei di make anybody to write trash.Talk about other upcoming artists for God's sake.Go to the hood and make new discoveries.I fon talk my own..

  18. My answer is a big YES. because, in my ears, the beats sound the same. Jovi is my favourite Rap act in +2376 land no doubt. But he must stop responding to petty chats.
    Why cast the first stone when he knew he committed the same crime?

    when Kinnaka posts things that are negative to Jovi, them say na Pro-Stanley. when na negative to Stanley them say na pro-Jovi.
    what do you guys want?

  19. Jovi stole those beats the chorus the rap style and the title. Hottest nigga in the hood is the english equivalent of don for kwat.

  20. Its called inspiration, It is very very normal in the world of show biz nowadays, MJ used samples off Manu Dibango's records, Shakira used samples off Zangalewa, and weh we use that of the Diaspora, u call it stealing?
    Did u ever for once think that he simply inspired by the track and then worked on it and came up with DON 4 KWAT?
    Ohhh Bluepring Hakeem sampled that same instrumental..
    Relax ppl…U need to understand the world of music before jumping into conclusion…I can list down thousands of songs that u listen to every now and then, with their originals


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