Dencia Threatens American Actress Lisa Raye with a lawsuit

American actress, Lisa Raye recently released a movie about skin lightening or bleaching in Africa, the USA and other parts of the world. This movie is titled ‘Skinned’ and features Van Vicker.  ‘Skinned’ was aired yesterday on TvOne in the USA. The actress on one of her press tours to promote the movie talked about Dencia’s Whitenicious causing cancer.

Dencia aka Bleach Queen seemed very upset by the actress’ remarks. The Singer went on a social media rant threatening to sue Lisa just like she did with Lupita. 

Let’s see how far The Queen of Matamba will go and good luck in court as the actress repeatedly pronounced it as ‘Whitelicious’ not ‘whitenicious’.

Stay tuned for juicy updates on this story.
See her tweets and Lisa’s radio appearance below. 
Click HEREto watch Lisa Raye talk about “Skinned”. 


  1. well the movie is getting promotion and Dencia equally. The play of words , at the expense of money. The thirst is real.
    They forget part of her degree was in law. Don't come for this girl she make money off you.

    • Dencia was not jealous. She was angry Lupita used her product as a stepping stone for a contract.
      Politics is every where and the choice of words is real. you not aware if there was a table contract and all hush hush.
      what's the payout vs the contract for lancome.. capiche?

  2. What happened to freedom of speech in America. Lol will see how far this can anything now is court or threats lol abeg let people rest.

    • America is a land where people fall on a curb or pavement and cash in from the local council.
      If you can make a a case draw attention go to court. Cashin

  3. Just watched that Radio Show. Maybe you should watch it keenly too and i think this Dencia is ranting over nothing. I mean act as an intellectual rather than go throwing bombs on someone and making a fool or yourself in the end. Lisa spoke of girls using bleaching products which results to consequences such as cancer. What she mentioned relating to whitenicious is that girls purchase and use it, but their KNUCKLES and ELBOWS remain the same!!.she said nothing about whitenicious and cancer. Besides its no lie that her product as well as many oda bleaching products do not lighten these zones. So let her sit quiet and stop boring the atmosphere. Shez being so defensive like she's guilty she bleached. Lol

  4. Il est plusieurs manières de se faire la publicité. Whitenicious Inc par la voix de Dencia, a compris cela et veut bien se créer des canevas de publicités par rapport à toutes les communications de media qui se rapporte au sujet de décapage de la peau noir. C’est pour cela que toutes menaces de Dencia quoique ridicules emmènent les gens à parler d’elle et par conséquent font sa publicité. C’est une stratégie basée sur le cynisme que les politiciens utilisent depuis la nuit des temps.

    Au-delà de ces menaces, il n’y rien de sérieux car Dencia se réfère encore ici à son succès négatif contre @bossip comme elle l’a fait contre KinnakaBlog. C’est comme si ce piètre succès est un trophée pour Dencia. En plus il faut bien se rappeler qu’en vertu du Code pénal de l’Etat de Californie, article 422 ces menaces cybernétiques contre Lisa sont criminelles et constituent un crime. Il faut aussi savoir qu’en vertu du code civil de l’Etat de Californie, article 44, 45a et 46, ce chantage cybernétique de Dencia orienté directement et sans ambages contre Lisa, constitue un acte de diffamation. C’est plutôt Lisa qui a beaucoup de leviers dans l’appareil de justice pour donner à Dencia une bonne leçon et une fois pour toute.

    Si l’hypothèse selon laquelle Dencia va portera réellement plainte contre Lisa est avérée, alors Lisa pourra à son tour et au même moment répliquer par une plainte qui pourra certainement inclure les motifs cités au paragraphe précèdent. Et ils iront au tribunal pour juger les deux plaintes simultanément. C’est ainsi que la justice américaine est constitué.

    Par ailleurs, les vraies intentions d’offensive judiciaire ne se précèdent généralement pas du bruit dans les media sociaux. Donc Dencia ne peut pas avoir une intention de déposer une plainte contre une grande personnalité et partir d’abord dans les media sociaux faire du tapage avant d’en arriver à la dite plainte. Comme on dit au pays camerounais, c’est le cœur du bandit qui bas. Alors ici qui a le cœur qui bat et pourquoi? Suivez mon regard…

  5. There are several ways to self-advertise. Whitenicious Inc. by the voice of Dencia has understood this and is willing to create advertisements canvas over all communications media that relates about stripping the black skin. That is why all threats Dencia albeit ridiculous lead people to talk about her and therefore are advertising herself. It is a strategy based on cynicism that politicians use since ancient days.

    Beyond these threats, there is nothing serious because here again Dencia still refers to her negative success against @bossip as she did against KinnakaBlog. It is as if this poor success is a trophy for Dencia. In addition it should be remembered that under the Criminal Code of the State of California, section 422 such cyber threats against Lisa are criminal and constitute a felony. Also be aware that under the Civil Code of the State of California, Article 44, 45a and 46, this cyber blackmail Dencia oriented directly and bluntly against Lisa, is an act of defamation. Rather, it is Lisa who has a lot of levers in the justice system to give Dencia a lesson once and for all.

    If the hypothesis that Dencia will complaint against Lisa proved so Lisa could in turn and at the same time respond to that complaint with charges that will certainly include the reasons mentioned in the previous paragraph. And they will go to court to try the two complaints simultaneously. This is how American justice is made.

    Moreover, the real judicial offensive intentions do not generally precede noise in social media. So Dencia cannot have an intention to file a complaint against a great personality and go first in social media to make noise before coming to the filing of her complaint. As they say in the Cameroonian country, it is the heart of the bandit that beat down. So here who has the beating heart and why? Follow my eyes …

  6. This girl is proving to be a smart ass. That's some hustlers skills. She di try. But da bleach cream na No No.. Monkey no di born swine..

  7. I heard whitenicious ooh. Who is with me lol. Between it has been proven beyond doubts dat ranting on twitter is the best advertising platform for Dencia. I was about defending Dencia but I no hear whitenicious. So let me assume Lisa is talking about another product.

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