Daphne Sends Stanley Enow a Gift (photo)


Cameroonian singer, Daphne Launched her album titled Here To Stay on December 30, 2015. The bootylicious beauty reportedly took some time off her busy schedule to send Stanley Enow a signed copy of her album.

It is very refreshing to see some ‘good blood’ in among Cameroonian entertainers. Way to go lady…
The album is available for purchase at Cafe De France (Douala & Yaounde), Njeiforbi (Bamenda), Zech (Buea shopping mall). More points of sale to be announced via Daphne’s official social media accounts soon. 


  1. this is called the South West Blood…and it's being thicker than the North West Blood!….my fellow Jovi will call my other fellow Magasco "Ngong Dog"….smh

  2. Another platform for people to go offtopic. welldone Daphne for reaching out to your big bro with your CD. Nevertheless it would have been greater if he honoured you with his presence. Thats if he had the time to. Now on to next I need my own CD how do I get it. Have a couple of people still in cameroon who can bring the CD over to me.

  3. Some unity among cameroonian artists…this is nice. The other day Stanley now took to his official facebook page to advertise daphne's album. 2016 looking bright for the cameroon entertainment industry

  4. Me love..but wetin dat buffoon talk about southwest/northwest blood?? Stop being off topic and appreciate a good gesture than showing the world your ignorance

  5. Being talented,and stingy, envious doesn't make you grow. He called his brother Ngong dog that has a long way to go before forgotten.

  6. All this myopic thinking is why there's hardly growth when it comes to our own things…Daphne has done something good, just talk about it and forget the Jovi/Magasco…plus saying it has a long way to be forgotten really?? @Dj Blast…If one has to be great, he has to think it and act it…These are trivial issues that should be dusted off..There's no time for such unreasonable feud…Now back to Daphne..this is good..reminds me of the post i read in I rep camer blog


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