Are Cameroonian's really this boring???

Nothing happening in Bamenda, nothing happening in Douala, nothing happening in Yaounde! But so much happening in the UK, in the USA, even France and Nigeria!!!! So let’s hear it from you Cameroonian’s, ‘What is happening in the motherland?’ Be a blogging star for a day!!!
Email us your story…


  1. Hahhahahha really boring. Nigeria is always active. You go want give people exposure thru a free platform like a blog, yet them no be willing for expose themselves. We have a long way to go. I read somewhere about Magasco ei concert i think on the 21st in Douala. I was appalled at the entrance fee which stood at 1000frs, I stand to be corrected ooh. But in my mind I was like is this how cheap these boys sell. massa after all the hardwork.

  2. Cameroonians have refused to evolve with the rest of the world smh, and we hate to be corrected and that's a problem that helps slow down our progression be it in the : Entertainment industry (music,fashion,social media) etc and politically too.yes its a cliche but I will say it lol we have to emulate coubtries like Nigeria where they have mastered the act of emulating the rest of the world. Our people are always claiming to be very "Original" but I'm sorry you progress by learning from others.Let's try first by accepting that we need change then go on to change a lot like: freedom of speech, music (the music has improved a lot though) but let's use new marketing strategies and make music that appeals to everyone not just Cameroonians smh.We need to form a united front I say this because we turn to always want to break each other so quick smh we ought to be striving to attain a level of success where our bloggers,vlogers,artist,music,anything we do is known by other countries but instead we stay badmouthing our own people,our new promising artist stay beefing over What? Idk why. Let's try and play catch up….
    Take for example Kinnaka's Blog is the new Bella Naija for me you have gone from 0-150 real quick, your new set up is and u did it in 6months that's the example we the beautiful and talented people of Cameroon need to follow. Yep I went on a rant��….CarryOn
    Opportune was here��

  3. hahahaha, u want make people send u story make u publish be popular. my dear dig ur own stories and publish or u continue steal from Linda

    • Even if Kiki put out a story first and Linda puts it out years later you will still say she stole it from Linda. You know why? Because you are one of those fools with a heart filled with jealousy and hate. She will is already popular because of her hard work and consistency in the business so go kill yourself hahahahah.

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