A lady uploads a pic on FB of herself & her man about to have sex, and the guy's other GF comes for her!

Check out their conservation. Just wondering if their parents or other elderly relatives can see this.
Ladies don’t get too comfortable these days ohh….


  1. the moral decadence nowadays is epic. then people will be religious to say smile with the snake that you know.
    I mean have the specie of men finished on this earth that we fail to understand that you attract what you got. If he can disrespect you and not be loyal. What makes you think a lifetime with him will be joyous.
    Is it just the pressure put on women they are ingrain they don't have self worth?
    Besides all these, the Harry Potter pupil who threatens witchcraft. Do these women know they are sharing covenants with each other. Do they know the repercussions of soul ties? Do they know they are joined together you hurt one you are inevitably hurting yourself.

    The earlier they work on their self esteem and receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior. Relying on the flesh for conquering and revenge isn't ideal..
    The void of love can only be filled with Jesus Christ unconditional love.

    I hope these goes out to these girls. There are women old enough to be your grandmothers who have played this game worse than you lot. And they have now given their life to Christ. God's grace has saved them. you better quit. Just because their generation didn't have social media to air their non sense and despicable selfishness the end result was the same. They had to run to God for deliverance.

    You want to show you are "strongman" at the expense of your self pride and life purpose?


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