Why I Will Never Trust A Cameroonian/African Woman Again

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I read THIS STORY  on this blog and one comment under the blog post got my attension which is why I am sharing my story here too. This is my story…

I moved from Cameroon to America in 2004 for my degree programme, however I was not able to finish school because of my financial difficulties.  As years went by, I adapted the lifestyle and took up jobs that did not require a degree.
After my four years in America, I decided life will be more fun and much more easy if I had a wife. I took a trip back home and marry a girl I knew before I came to America (We only started a long distance relationship after I came to America). Felt so lucky to have found such a beauty from my tribe (Nkambe). We had a traditional wedding and a few weeks honey mood then then I left for America and started putting documents together so that she could join me.  Two weeks after I left she told me she was pregnant, I was so happy.
I tried everything possible to make sure she had the baby in America so I was there to look after her and the baby an also due to the good health care system here. I can’t begin to explain to you the joy in my heart when my 6 months pregnant wife finally arrived in America. I was the happiest man in the world that day. We took a lot of pictures, I wanted to document the moment.
One month later my wife went into premature labour. I took her to the hospital and she had a baby boy. There was a red flag though…The baby wasn’t premature so it couldn’t be mind according to my calculations with the help of the doctor. I was in shock! I remember calling my mum immediately and seeking her advice. She asked me what my feeling were towards her now that she just had another man’s baby. I told my mum I was very angry and disappointed but I still loved her. She told me to make it work. To look after the child as if it was mind. It was not the easiest thing to do mbut I took my mum’s advice… well it wasn’t my mother advice entirely. That is what I wanted to do too, I still wanted to be with her even though she lied to me.

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When our son was a year old, we started trying for a second child and I also encouraged and funded my wife to become a certified nursing aid. My wife passed and got employment in a nursing home as a care giver.  My wife’s new job introduced her to a different social environment and she became a different woman at home. She refused a sexual appeals from me and wouldn’t cook or do anything at home. She was either going out, sleeping or talking to her friends on the phone.  We started arguing a lot. she called the police in two occasions telling them that she is worried about the safety of herself and our son. I couldn’t believe it! I started suspecting her plan and stopped arguing with her. The more I avoided her, the more she wanted us to have an argument. One day I wouldn’t take it anymore, I raised my voice at her and she immediately throw herself to the ground got up and called the police. When the policed arrived she told them I physically violated her and our son. The police asked me to park up my things and leave the house. Yes that is America for you. The wife doesn’t leave…You leave. I tried to explain what has been happening to the police but they wouldn’t listen to me.

To cut a long story short, I never went back to that house again as I wasn’t allowed. Before I knew it, the biological father of our child had come from Cameroon and was living with her in my own house with my son!

Nothing in this life will ever make me trust a Cameroon/African woman again! I mean nothing! Bros be careful out there please.

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  1. Ashia ma brother, that's life. Some women can be very cruel to the bone. Lessons learned but she will forever suffer because wicked people may prosper/be happy for a while but it won't last.

  2. Cold cold world… sounds like a movie. I feel his pain but using generalization is not really fair to cameroonian woman. A lot of them are good and true.

  3. The thing is dnt you make that mistake to go marry from home like going back home to bring a wife don't do that look for ya wife there in etas and marry ha quietly as all man for mbeng in general na wise man as all wona wise the marriage will work perfect…. But bros im heartly sorry

    • There are couples who met in the USA and got married there, and the marriages took this similar twist – so your recommendation is no panacea

    • My brother do not worry yourself because of an ungrateful woman but let me tell you that karma will play it's harsh game ASAP….because karma has no menu and she will be served with what she deserves

  4. Too sad to hear what happened to you. Some of my relatives have gone through the same, but completely saying you won't trust an Africa/Cameroonian woman again may be too hasty… It could have been anyone human beings are generally capable of doing evil. So in my opinion just learn from your experience and be a little careful but don't put that wall up because you might just miss out on something beautiful.


    • 2015 is almost done and am waiting for proposal….hahaha
      well there are still good Cameroonian girls in the world.

      You attract what you got. so you work on yourself first. You can't love another if you don't love yourself. Being accountable to God. You will heed to His guidance. Ask questions and not ignore the signs, it could be emotions, body language, word of knowledge, Holy Spirit, companions (show me your friends and I will tell you who you are, visions, dreams. If you have a prompting to pray pray, if you have a prompting to read your Bible read it.
      For everyone the answer is different but the principle remains the same follow your gut instinct.
      If you watch anchor baby the protagonist had a dream of someone stabbing her in the back. which means it's someone close to you whom you trust. Few months later a confidant stole her baby.
      Asses yourself every time you took a bad decision. Ask God to show you how He warned you. Keep it as wisdom just as how Jacob noticed Joseph and pondered on the dreams he relayed.
      It's not for you to be a journalist to broadcast your skills. The devil doesn't know the plans of God. Until it comes out of your mouth.
      Be accountable and not be a victim – throwing pity party

    • If u send out positive rays u in tend attract positive things to urself. ..but if u send out negative rays u attract negative things to urself. I pity d victim in this case but u saying 80% of Cameroonian girls are bad u shud check d kind of rays u sending out

    • Deep story, ugly reality. To completely cross out African women and condemn a whole batch of apples because of a few rotten ones is not rational. Bottom line is that a bad woman is a bad woman and a bad man is a bad man whether from maroua, Japan or mexico. I am Cameroonian and have been married to an African American man for 8 years and it's been great. Had a scary relationship with a Cameroonian man. But I still tried out Cameroonian guys. I met some great guys. It just happened that the African American is the one who had the best chemistry and compatibility. You can't entirely put the blame on your partner. Examine your conscience and your character. I applaud you for accepting the child that wasn't yours. However, there is a fantastic Cameroonian girl out there looking for a strong, good, African man. Give yourself a break to heal, and to change positively. Then go out there , with the help of God and get a good life partner.

    • Deep story, ugly reality. To completely cross out African women and condemn a whole batch of apples because of a few rotten ones is not rational. Bottom line is that a bad woman is a bad woman and a bad man is a bad man whether from maroua, Japan or mexico. I am Cameroonian and have been married to an African American man for 8 years and it's been great. Had a scary relationship with a Cameroonian man. But I still tried out Cameroonian guys. I met some great guys. It just happened that the African American is the one who had the best chemistry and compatibility. You can't entirely put the blame on your partner. Examine your conscience and your character. I applaud you for accepting the child that wasn't yours. However, there is a fantastic Cameroonian girl out there looking for a strong, good, African man. Give yourself a break to heal, and to change positively. Then go out there , with the help of God and get a good life partner.

  6. Its kind of sad but u should have thrown her out the very first day u discovered the baby wasn't yours. That's one of the main factor that made her to take u for granted. U can forgive a woman for cheating but not for bringing someone's baby into your house. Never you let a woman consider you weak in taking decisions in your own house

    • there are couples that take care of non biological babies. I know of a case everyone knows he is not the Father. the bond between father and child is so unthinkable, you would even doubt the truth.
      As far as there is honesty and forgiveness the rest is history

  7. I commend you for sharing your story.
    I pray you have forgiven yourself and the other parties involved.
    Betrayal only God can heal. Cast it to him.

  8. Désolé pour toi mon frère. Je peux comprendre ton désarroi total et ton amertume profonde d’avoir été mal abuse par quelqu’une que tu as pourtant aimé et qui sait très bien tout l’amour que tu avais pour elle. Cependant c’est du passé et tu dois pouvoir classer cela comme tel. Il y a certainement beaucoup que l’on peut apprendre dans ton histoire Il y a aussi beaucoup que l’on peut trouver à redire et y revenir sur les fait pour te dire que : …mais voilà tu aurais pu faire ceci ou réfléchir comme cela. Tout cela ne changera rien aux faits établis. C’est pourquoi il faut avancer tout en acceptant les faits établis. Ceci te permettra d’accepter la réalité et de décider ce qu’il faut faire de cette réalité. Dans la prise de décision, il faut bien penser à envisager une poursuite juridique de cette affaire, ou bien il faut aussi penser à transcender cette affaire pour savourer une bonne récupération et une bonne satisfaction émotionnelle pour toujours.
    Pour transcender cette affaire il faut envisager de prendre des conseils chez un psychologue. Peut-être en tant que travailleur ton assurance maladie peut couvrir de pareilles consultations. Avant d’y aller permet moi de te dire un peu ce qui se passe dans la system psychoemotionel d’un individu qui vit un moment de déception amoureuse. Il se passe en effet un conflit de mémoire, et la recherche permanente d’une résolution.
    Le conflit de mémoire est due au fait que ton paradigme de pense ne prévoyait jamais ce qui t’ai arrivé. Ton paradigme de pense ne te prédisposait pas à ce que tu vis aujourd’hui. Par exemple ton paradigme de pensé ne prévoyait pas que tu pouvais être totalement séparé de la femme que tu aimes et l’enfant que tu considères comme to garçon. C’était un bon paradigme de pense puisque cela t’a permis d’établir tes principes et des actions positive pour le succès de votre relation amoureuse. Autrement dit ton paradigme de pense t’a conduit à avoir des principes de vit et des actions positives. En passant laisse-moi aussi te dire que ton type de personnalité est concentrer sur la pensée positive ce qui est très bon. Malgré tes actions, ce que tu redoutais le plus est arrivée, c’est-à-dire la séparation total. Autrement dit c’est ce qui était loin de ta pensée que tu vis actuellement. Le fait que tu vis ce que tu n’imaginais pas dans ton existence créer alors un conflit de mémoire et produit un choque dans tes émotions. C’est ce que tu ressens quand tu penses souvent à cette aventure amoureuse. Ce conflit dans ta mémoire te pousse à la recherche d’une résolution en toi.
    La recherche d’une résolution se matérialise souvent par la recherche des conseils auprès des personnes qui te sont proche. Mais en toi tu as certainement besoin des paroles qui te donneront une détermination à transcender cet incident et a le minimiser comme un fait du passé. Tu peux aussi avoir besoin des parole qui te permettent de d’être heureux dans tes prochaines aventure amoureuses sans expérimenter un remord quelconque du passé.
    Comme il a été indiqué au paragraphe introductif, tu peux aussi envisager une poursuite juridique afin d’avoir la garde de ton fils ou bien le droit de passer du temps avec lui, puisque to nom est sur son acte de naissance en tant que père. La procédure juridique peut aussi te permettre de récupérer ta maison si c’est toi qui paye le mortgage. Si c’est une maison en location et que c’est ton nom qui est sur le lease, tu peux aussi retrouver to droit de propriété sur la maison En tout cas le juge vas décider. Tu peux aussi la porter plainte pour adultère. Tu peux aussi porter plainte à son amant pour occupation illicite de ton domicile et lui réclamer des dédommages énormes. La procédure juridique est un peu comme un va-t-en-guerre. Il faut se rappeler que c’est elle qui a commencé en te chassant de la maison. Pour engager une procédure juridique, il faut bien entendue consulter un avocat. Il y a les avocats publique dans les tribunaux American qui son là pour les pauvres qui n’ont pas assez de moyen pour s’offrir un avocat privé. Ceux-ci peuvent (à suivre) …

  9. Ceux-ci peuvent t’aider à monter ton dossier de contre-attaque à bas prix. Ainsi elle et son amant recevront une convocation des mains de la police afin d’attester qu’ils ont reçu la note du juge. Ils doivent donc répondre par tous les moyens pour comparaitre devant le juge selon leur emploi de temps convenable et le juge pourra décider ce qui peut te revenir et te voilà victorieux 

  10. Thats typical and worst still when you have them in your house and make children together they have this primitive atitude of behaving as if the children belongs to them only and most often if the man is not a native of nkambe; i will not be surprise if this gentleman is not from nkambe;Some tribes women are still so primitive they need some kind of schooling on social intercourse and marriage. GOLD DIGGERS

    • Certainly, people are people and may never change no matter how you condition the relationship with positive reinforcement or negative reinforcement.

      However the only person that you can successfully change is yourself. You can change the way that you approach people in your advantage. That is the bottom line.

    • @ Tu Baba

      A tu lu ceci ?:

      Auguste22 December 2015 at 14:37
      Certainly, people are people and may never change no matter how you condition the relationship with positive reinforcement or negative reinforcement.

      However the only person that you can successfully change is yourself. You can change the way that you approach people in your advantage. That is the bottom line.

  11. You are not alone some of us have gone through worst things, some cameroon women steal misappropriate and clean out the joint account. Look we need to form a club and fight back since the police and the laws favour women let's boycott Cameroon women and look for women from other countries but not from Nigeria or Ghana. The pain is in the fact that these women are ungrateful, unfaithful and very wicked in fact they are witches the most wicked african witches are from Cameroon. Read reactions from some of them which is mere laghter because to them those behaviours are normal and accepted in their world. The following measures should be adopted before we Cameroon men hold conference calls to take more stringent measures. Do not give your consent to your son to marry the daughter of a divorced Cameroon woman if he ignores your objections tell him not to come to you when she starts to hurt him. Do not allow a young man to marry the daughter of a single woman because most single women grew up in dysfunctional homes and their daughters can never be any better. Let those who think that they women they have married are good think twice because they are pretending they will show their true colours when they get here the devil's headquarters(America) The most you can do is keep them in Cameroon.

    • you attract what you got. work on yourself worth, remove the wood in you eye…
      now generalizing Cameroonian girls; they r blessed and highly favored.

    • hahaha my brother you said it all, Cameroonian women are big disgrace, not all but majority, they think because they are in America they can do whatever they wanna do because the law favours them, when they get here they bring their bad habits from cameroon, and when they are close to 30 they start getting so desperate for marriage. Cameroonian girls wuna change ohhh!

  12. You cameroonian men can condemn your women and make it sound like there's no good woman in cameroon. U all know u r problem. Dictatorship. U treat u r women like objects and when they come here and smell liberty they go crazy. Most Nigeria n's worship their women. Learn how to treat u r women right and u will have no reason to complain. Stop treating u r women like u r subordinates and that will solve all the problems. Most cameroonian women just want to enjoy the freedom that they were denied back home.. and by the way this is one side of the story and if u hear the woman's side u will be astonished.
    Many nigerian men are marrying cameroonian women because they know how humble they are but the cameroonian don't see anything good in their women. Anyway a prophet is never known in their home town

  13. Stay quiet how has treating your woman got to do with her given u a bastard son. if u are a cameroonian i am sure that lady is related to you people who don't accept the truth ma bross a bad woman is a bad woman and there are s many of them in Cameroon its unfortunate you are a victim today so many have gone through what you are going now the only advice i have for you is you should learn a lesson from this and also know before she realise the guy she is leaving with in your house will also bring his own true woman because if she could do that to you meaning she can do same to the guy am sorry for her because she thinks she has won not knowing very soon she will discover the man she is staying with will soon bring the woman he truly loves

  14. Damn!I'm so sorry bro.can't even begin to imagine ur pain but this same situation happened to a friend of mine who brought her boyfriend here got pregnant for him but as soon as he got here he was excited about all d beautiful women here n abandoned her..what I'm trying to say is guys do it too.n d person who said Cameroon girls r worse than akata u r very ignorant..my brother hope uve forgiven her I know it's not easy but it's d best thing for u.God loves u

  15. Bro, na small… Remember say u get sisters too ooo..If some person no trust your sister too, how u go feel.. Well, there is something that is always said, that the devil comes to u in a skirt… Be weary but don't try another race that might make u face same problems..Rather go for the devil u already know and this time, be careful

  16. This story is fake, Cameroonian women are better than a lot of women from other countries. So this guy want to say he went and got married to a girl that was 3 months pregnant and didn't notice it? In a domestic dispute the cops would ask you to leave for 24 hours, why didn't he come back to his home that he was paying for? He said he thought his wife gave birth to a premature baby, but during pregnancy a woman have a lots of doctors appointments, and the doctor would tell you how far you are with the pregnancy. Unless this guy is a fool but this story doesn't make sense to me.

    • Joey you made very brilliant points. What about periodic maternity check ups? No ecography before birth at least for curiosity and excitement purpose to know the sex of the baby. Well, I pray if the story is the way it is, he should be wiser.

  17. Sorry Bro, it is not about a Cameroonian woman, you just met a liar that was trying to get herself to America and pretending to love you, just made it easy for her. Let God be the judge, she will have to pay back some day.

  18. The question now is who will he trust? Women are the same everywhere. It's just a matter of luck to have a compatible companion. Men too have their own side of unpleasant stories of maltreatment of women. It cannot be judged from one angle. I've been hanging around for a while because of the fear of having to choose a bad woman, but now, I have to move on.

  19. The question now is who will he trust? Women are the same everywhere. It's just a matter of luck to have a compatible companion. Men too have their own side of unpleasant stories of maltreatment of women. It cannot be judged from one angle. I've been hanging around for a while because of the fear of having to choose a bad woman, but now, I have to move on.

  20. This is so sad! It is not a Cameroonian problem, it is a human problem. Insisting to get marry to a man or woman from you ethnic group does not guarantee a successful marriage. Why do men leave all the women in the diaspora and insist on getting a wife "back home"? You are in for cultural shock. What this lady did was 100% wrong, but could be avoided. For the ladies saying Nigerian men worship their wives, please give us a break. How many Cameroonian men have killed their wives? I have heard a lot of stories about Nigerian men who have killed their wives because of the same thing this brother is lamenting about.

    • I agree with you Eric and in my own opinion, So far the Nigerian men or stories I have come across are not good. Am so not in interested in them because those gifts read a different message to these Nigerian men. You become a property. I know stories relayed by Nigerian girls and observed myself. Not my cup of tea.
      I also second on the fact it's a human problem.
      As far you don't take responsibility to love yourself you be a victim. Be accountable to God. He will guide you who to associate with. We all have problems and react differently. Our mindset might not gel with another. But our loneliness can be cured until you know you are whole on your own before seeking for a mate.
      Different scenarios but same principles to get a mate. And within marriage focus fellowship with God. It's just the beginning of your journey.

    • Thanks Bro, because of regular maltreatments from relationships i have had with Nigerian men, it became a Nigerian men relationship problem to me. i told myself, if all the men in the world will become Nigerian, i wouldnt marry, Thank God today he has given me an angel he specially made from one of the worst tribes in Nigeria. Men… nothing good ever came from Nazareth before the birth of Jesus Christ.

  21. You got what you went out for. Even in the US, u couldn't abandon that tribalism and the archaic mentality of going back home to marry. You be feel say na who go marry the girls you useless for dey? If na true story, then u got what u bargained for. Idiot! Cameroonian/African women are the best. Karma will always catch up with you.

  22. Some of you guys are so ignorant. Generalizing is a bad thing. You guys simply follow the wrong women. A bad woman is a bad woman regardless of her country. Y'all talking about the woman, what about the guy who impregnated her and is now living in another man's house under another man's sweat? Reason guys and stop acting foolishly. Silly fellows!

  23. If you have over 80 percent of women doing the same thing, it is a call to generalise. I took a wife from back home even though it's ok it's never like it was. My sister also tried doing that to a guy even before she travelled and I advised him to back off. Everyone is responsible for their did but man even if you were married before travelling, know environment changes people so the time apart is good enough for people to establish new objectives and it becomes broader in a new environment. Every woman from home has to be double check before flying over. Why don't we men realise that women abroad might only fly over their husbands. They rarely establishe new relationships from back home. It's because they are wiser.

  24. Feel ur pain, but hasty generalisation. There is no guarantee it could be any man/woman Black/white any race.it just tells us to be always carefull. When de wedding band has been put u can condition to trust. But you dont give it 100% after not seeing her that long. Not blood work and series of test. So as we hear this story there are good once too out there for those who made such decisions. Sure one motivated him to go back home. Stop looking for good wives or husbands. Rather work on yourself to be one. And we will have a world of beautiful people worth being husbands and wives. Men in particular are fund of fooling around living worthless lives back here then go home to pick virgins. Those virgins need men too whom they can walk with their heads high and say my heroe. Not only because u took her abroad but because your nasty deeds dont hover around her. Men have left girls back home and never treated them well too because they are abroad. And some of those women persivere coz they have ambitions and goals and come out of their shells when they get stuffs together. Human beings be good to one another and work with conscience

  25. Anyways it was bad but no be matter for generalize….some back home are good….Lol but once dey cross no trust them…bad set of women

  26. Sharap how many girl u break dier heart be4 her .massa carma is a Bitch .u paid urs n she will get what is coming to her.I bet u dat u ignored all the red flags n all the real women.besides u no bi see girl for America lol u sleep plenty den go carry payee girl feel say Na unspoiled lol.Ashia yahhh.


  28. Well. Not all girls are bad n not all men are bad.i was 3months pregnant wen the guy responsible suddenly cut off link and wen I came across a good man who was very comfortable n interested in me even without my body portraying any signs of pregnancy , I opened up n narrated everything to him from the first day we met so dat he can make up his mind if he still wanted to marry me or not.to my surprise he accepted me saying he looks at me deeper Dan dat pregnancy n was very happy I could have the courage to tell him dat . after several tests to confirm our health was ok, he approached my family claiming to be the one responsible for the pregnancy, married me n now we are living happily together. He gave my baby his full names as his first son. So you see wen someone is God-fearing he sees deeper potentials in you than wat every oda person sees.the guy made a mistake wen he accepted her after she lied . meaning she still had plans on returning to her ex.as for me wen the so called baby daddy returned some months later I told him I had a miscarriage n took in from my husband immidiately after that.

  29. …. Ugly man Wei no fit satisfy woman for bed go married very beautiful active in bed young girl…..weti u expect??? lol however,my brother focus on the girls u used n dumped…..what goes around…..

  30. The problem with this is going back home to get a woman. I am not saying there are not good women out there but I prefer u deal with the ones that are here . You can know them more better because they are close than this long distance thing.

  31. Here's some solid advice, negroes; never marry someone who has something to gain from being with you.
    It'd really best to stick to one's own class, race and income bracket.

    • Unfortunately for you someone most always need something from someone. That's life negro. Trust God in your decision to pick a partner and you'll be fine.

  32. In this whole world there are bad women/men and vice versa but it all dépends on you the individual.Most at times we do things without thinking about outcomes in our lives or in the lives of our relatives.At times it is just a natural thing that you fell into the wrong hands.But the simple truth is the way we trèat each other in our récent or past relationships,has a great rue to play in thé future reason being that we do some ignorantly.say like in churches à man of God will say forgive this man/woman or go and ask for forgiveness.
    The problem is not the matter of marrying à girl from Cameroon or in thé diapora because human being being are very unpredictable.Just pray God to have a compatible partner.
    A friend of mind have been here for 1 years and décides to settle down,this girl just came from Cameroon,this guy has been doing everything for this girl for thé past 3 years .Last year this girl went home under the expenses of this guy,while home he spend à large sum of money.This girl came back to USA started be having funny to this guy and when he decided to make things clear to her,she told the guy that before even leaving for Cameroon,she he had no feeling for him but accepted his money and started complaining .what I am trying to say is that we should pray to God to give us our compatible partner because on our own we can't make it since this world is really bad

  33. You certainly picked the worst! Didn't do your homework. That is the story told by most African men who go back home to go and 'find their wives'. They complain that the African girls living abroad are too 'modernized' and so go seeking greener pastures back home. Problem is most of those women back home have their own agendas and they come here with a plan. LOL it's amazing how many African men have been bamboozled by these women back home. Some have fallen into deep depression, suffered unimaginable embarrassment, ended up in jail or even lost their lives when these 'innocent' 'good' girls from home finally show their true colors LOL. Now this one is crying saying that he will never trust an African woman again. I beg moof me dey! Na some person send you? Hahahahahaha
    Most African women in the diaspora are very hardworking. They are in a new place and have opportunities that their mothers and grandmothers never had and they are embracing these opportunities and thriving. And some of the lazy African men who have not reached the level of accomplishment as some of these brilliant African women see them as threats and decide to go find 'wives' back home. Because they feel they can dominate these girls from home. They think they can control them and mold them into who they want them to be. But the joke's on them! These girls from back home are brilliant as well and they will BURN you!! Ha! Oga, wipe your tears. You go chook your hand inside fire. To keep thing interesting, Next time go na Caribbean island go find ya woman. Lol A few years down the line you go di wipe tears again. Komot for here!

  34. My friend you didn't know who u got married to.she could pretend within a and u fell for it.How could you just conclude she had no one in her life while u were away? Don't dare paint my gorgeous 237 ladies as devils?You are on your own boy.Am enjoying my wife to the core I won't think twice to marry her in a second life.Ashiaoooooo!!!!!

  35. Let her come and try that shit in Cameroon, and see what will happen to her. Na only fo America wey dat one fit happen. Warning to all the Cameroonian women folk at home and abroad, dont try that back at home, u will get butchered!!!

  36. My man thank GOD because he save you from that devil because it would have been worst than that she could have kill you , as for me I am happy for you but as for the dog and the socall husband pity is the word I have for them, stay bless and know she wasn't your wife GOD is keeping a god sent for if you pray and ask for it.

  37. Sad, but you took so long to understand things. If I have evidence that my wife has another man's child. Game over. There is no guarantee she won't do it again. Once bitten twice shy. If am abroad I will prefer a woman abroad. You know this bushfaller thing is in the mind of some girls. It is unfortunate bro. I am sorry about that. Get a life and forget about her.

  38. When two or three bear the same witness in court it means the truth can be establish.if 3 Cameroon girls in America or anywhere has similar behaviour it means Cameroon girls are bad. The whole country cannot come to the court to testify one thing. They just need 3 for a verdict. Cameroon girls are, STUPIDOUS IGNORAMOUS, CARIIED AWAY BY FALSE IDEOLOGY, and VERY BAD SET. According to statistics.

  39. Bra i tell u the truth , there are so many men out there raising other peoples children thinking they have a family … i have seen it happen … i leant this as a teen and i vowed never to make that mistake ( Do a DNA paternity test for your child as soon as they are borne ( Baby mama will always come up with a story of you dont trust me. ignore it and go ahead with the test ) Some many men die untimely nowadays because of this same issue ( Women are easily deceived by the Devil and they only come conscious after the Harm has been done ) thats nature we can not change it ( Do a Paternity Test before confirmation ) Dont just see ur features on a child and assume he/she is yours bra .. I have done for my first Son and i will do for all if i have another .. I could have been fooled before before by another Lady but a Paternity Test Helped me as i could have fathered another mans child .. Please Please Guys this is real people die untimely nowadays because of these same problems … Take heart Brother and Face the Feature ahead ( Note its not only Cameroon woman .. its is all over the world ..

  40. Some times it is a good idea to have had many girl friends so that u can tell what a bad woman is. On the other hand, u just can't be Mr. Nice guys to women because they will abuse your kindness. For those who are condemning Akata, it better still American women, not all are bad, just like not all Cameroonian women are bad. I had had a girl friend back in Cameroon. But to be honest, the American girl I am with now, is way more better than her. What she does for me, like supporting me financially when things are hard, no Cameroonian girl ever did that to me when I was is Cameroon and broke. Those women like me more now because I am in America and may be rich. Man, u can't trust those type of women and bring them here especially with the laws that favors women a lot. When women comes here , start making their on money,hang out with friends, if u are not that type of a person who really may ignore certain things, then the law in the country will get u. Good luck to any person who wants to fall that mugu . There are a lot of girls in Cameroon like that. So be a player and be wise. Some types women like bad boys.

    • That is so true. There are many women here if you really want to get married, we have good women who just need a good man to just show love and concern. Rather than importing a woman who has agendas. All them women in Cameroon have agendas I don't care what anybody says.

  41. Do I feel sorry for you no! For some reasons Most of you guys will date Cameroon girls here in the US then leave them and go back to Cameroon to marry then spend money bring these girls from Cameroon who will say yes because they want to come to America. And when they show you pepper, you start saying you will never trust any Cameroonian woman again. Abi NA all Cameroonian do you like this wife of yours do you? That's what you get. It's high time some of you learn your lessons. It's better to deal with the devil you know ( American based Cameroonian women) than the angle you don't know ( Cameroon based sisters) this is not the first and would not be the last. Keep leaving the women here and going back to the village in Cameroon to look for wife to marry and this is always going to be the end results. This goes to the sisters who are importing as well. Karma is a a bitch that same guy will leave her and she will regret her actions later in life don't worry at least it's not the end of the world.

  42. ma man da tning de happen even for europe. i know a few guys wey go marry woman for cameroon bring for europe only for d woman dem for divorce the guys dem after.

  43. My advice to every one if you get married to a lady I mean any one whether it is and akarta or from home or you guys meet here number 1 when you start notch dat she brings up arguments often start starch cameras all over your house am serious,2, make good use of your phones by turn on ure recorder as soon as she brings up and argument, 3 if na u buy yi motor never I mean never put ure car or hse under her name if not u will regret it. If u follow up with dis 3 simple steps, when she does and finishes her acting, she will not knw what hits when she calls in the police trust me. Evidence is power di woman dem thing say they over get sense it's time we start beating dem in their own game. For more advice on hw for treat such kind of bitches cuz they are contact me and we will come out with powerful solutions as I said evidence is power . Peace


  45. That is not the end of the world bros.Lift up your head,look straight ahead and move on like this never happened.There are many good girls/women out there.You should be happy God has relieved you of a knife in the name of a wife.It could have been worst.Life goes on.

  46. OMG What a touching story.Be strong bro and allow the rest to our God. God Who took you there and gave u all u had can do It again.

  47. My brother I am truly sorry for that experience but please turn to Jesus and He will heal your heart. Give your life to Jesus and let Him help you choose a wife the Bible says the heart of man is desperately wicked who can know it?. So the issue here is neither about African or Cameroonian woman she could have still been a white and do same, its all about the heart. Go talk to a pastor he will help you out. Courage brother all hope is not gone I will keep you in prayers stay blessed.

  48. My brother I am truly sorry for that experience but please turn to Jesus and He will heal your heart. Give your life to Jesus and let Him help you choose a wife the Bible says the heart of man is desperately wicked who can know it?. So the issue here is neither about African or Cameroonian woman she could have still been a white and do same, its all about the heart. Go talk to a pastor he will help you out. Courage brother all hope is not gone I will keep you in prayers stay blessed.

  49. It is should not be about Cameroonian women, as you can get such treatment from anyone with such intentions. I feel exactly the same about Cameroonian men based on my experience but I am careful about generalising as it just happens that I have experienced and seen Cameroonian men doing similar/somewhat similar things to Cameroonian and other women of different races. Have also witnessed non-Cameroonians doing same.

  50. BEFORE A Kenyan, Nigerian, Ghanaian girl brings you another story to recount, please i recommend you read the book, The Things I wish I Knew Before I got Married.

  51. you went to Cameroon to do what? Are they no women in America Mr man. u are a liar and stop talking like that about women. u stole somebody's wife and she was smarter than u. big up man

  52. This story is a sad reality. A similar thing almost happened to me but i thank goodness it came to my notice before the actual act occurred. I use to live with my ex fiance at home and our little daughter here in UK. Little did i know that she got connected on FB and whatsapp with an old lover.
    They were planning to meet up when she visits Cameroon in December and accepted to have a memorable time. or as they called it 'one last time' or 'one night stand'. He even asked her, what if she gets pregnant, to which she replied ' so be it'.

    Fortunately for me, the guy in question told a friend of his who is in the Cameroon, and the friend happen to be someone i had helped alot in the past. The friend in good conscience could not stay queit, so he tipped me off and asked me to watch my fiance's conversation on fb and whatsapp. i normally never ever check her phone or any conversation whatsoever eventhough she is always on social media chatting n doing stuff.

    Well, long story short. Thats how i found out. took screen shorts as evidence. And on the day of her flight to visit, i gave her all the transcripts of her conversation and told her to have fun and to look for a new home to live in before she returns.

  53. I think the issue here is most of you who live in Bush think girls of today in Cameroon are same as our parents. Most girls have finished school, don't have jobs and in most cases have 3 or 4 boyfriends. You who live in the USA are amongst the list of Boyfriends.
    My brothers if you live in Bush find yourself a girl I bush. leave the girls in Cameroon for the guys who live here.

    98% of girls in Cameroon just want to fall bush and once they arrive nah different story. My brother there are lots of girls in the USA who want to settle and marry. Just concentrate on those who are there and when you come home on holidays nothing wrong with taking one and enjoying the holidays with her

  54. It is very pathetic. But, if we are God fearing, follow Biblical principles in choosing a spouse and establish our homes on the principles of God, then it will work. All it takes for a marriage to work is for the two people to fear God and realize that anything they do to hurt the other party is directly against God. But if I say now that give your lives to Jesus and receive him as Savior and Lord, are you willing. Doing so gives God direct authorship or master ship over all you do in life. There are good God fearing women out there. The Proverbs 31 woman still exist but you need to trust God to lead you to her. You do this prayerfully trusting God wth all your heart and leaning not unto your own understanding Prov :3-5. It is a pathetic story my brother. I pray that God heals you. Don't seek revenge because God is avenger. Every thing we do in life whether good or evil is a seed we have plantedand just as there is seed time, there is harvest time. For good deeds we harvest good, for evil things, we harvest evil. Can you imagine that when you plant two manse seeds, we harvest a whole stalk of maize. That is a picture of the amount of harvest we receive from our deeds. Let God avenge for you. But God is saying he is giving you a second chance. He wants you to seek Him so that you do not go through the same thing again.


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