Prime Minister Yang Limits Number of SIM Cards Per Subscriber In Cameroon

Prime Minister Philémon Yang reportedly signed a decree on the 3rd of September 2015 that will limit the number of SIM cards each subscriber can have per network in Cameroon. Part of this Decree also prevents the sale of SIM cards on the streets. Adults will only be allowed 3 SIM cards per network. Cameroon only has four mobile network operators, so it will therefore be illegal to have more than 12 SIM cards per person. Minors  interested in owning a SIM card will have to seek authorization from their parents (use their parents identification documents to subscribes to networks).
According to the database found by Cameroon’s telecoms regulator, some people have registered 100 to 200 SIM cards using one National ID card. This is deemed to be a risk to the Cameroon’s national security as Boko Haram is known to use mobile phones in its bomb attack which have been very frequent in the Northern part of the country.


  1. How is the situation going to look like for persons who have many contact on a particular network subscription. Say MTN. How convenient is he going to manage his contacts, respecting just a single sim type when it runs out of memory?


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